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Attention all
Automotive Scope Users

Pico Automotive Scope software now sports a new Waveform Library browser.
Must own PicoScope to view.
See details here



CAN Test Box

can test box


Continuing with our mission to make vehicle diagnostics easier and faster…the new CAN Test Box gives you easy access to the 16 pins of the diagnostic connector that is fitted to all modern vehicles. Depending on the configuration of the vehicle, this may allow you to check power, ground and CAN Bus signal quality. With the test leads supplied you can connect your PicoScope lab scope to the CAN Test Box to monitor signals such as the CAN High and Low. More.....

We have just posted a few new Automotive Tutorials and Case studies Here is the latest:
Honda Rattle

New Kvaser white paper discusses ways to maximise CAN’s efficiency in next generation vehicles

By using a Virtual CAN Bus, we separate the control task from other tasks. The distributed embedded control system can be developed using standard CAN Controllers and transceivers in a traditional way with well proven tools.

Other tasks such as encryption, transmitter authentication, re-flashing, etc. can be developed by experts in these fields and carried out by using other protocols. With modern technology, the different tasks can run in parallel and simultaneously communicate on the same physical layer.

It is a great advantage to separate the control problems from other problems. The control problem can be solved once and for all by the control experts and other problems by experts in their respective technology fields.


Details here......


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Aurora Probability in Northern Canada

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North America Aurora Map from
NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center

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Cfonverts PC to Oscilloscope (1435 bytes)

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Automotive Tutorials

These tutorials explain the operation of various systems and components, and how you can use an automotive oscilloscope to check that they are operating correctly.
Tutorial   1: Ignition Primary Circuits
Tutorial   2: Trigger Signals (Part 1)
Tutorial   3: Trigger Signals (Part 2)
Tutorial   4: Trigger Signals (Part 3)
Tutorial   5: Primary versus Secondary Circuits
Tutorial   6: Electronic Fuel Injection (Part 1)
Tutorial   7: Electronic Fuel Injection (Part 2)
Tutorial   8: Electronic Fuel Injection (Part 3)
Tutorial   9: Emissions Related Components and Actuators
Tutorial 10: Miscellaneous Sensors and Actuators Waveforms
Tutorial 11: Testing digital MAF sensors (with frequency outputs)
Tutorial 12: Audi A8 fuse box diagnostics  Tutorial 13: BMW Valvetronic evaluation 
OTHER: Articles and eBooks of Interest Diesel Glow Plug Tutorial
Excellent Article Published in Motor Magazine: Scope Testing: Answering Probing Questions
Automotive Oscilloscope Guide with Frank Massey

Case Studies - Sorted by Vehicle Type

Vehicle Case Study Fuel
Alfa Romeo Spider 1998 Misleading MIL Petrol
Audi A2 2002 Audi A2 Heavy Steering Petrol
Audi A6 2001 Battery Discharge Petrol
Audi A6 2006 Engine Cutting Out Petrol
Audi A6 Quattro Parking Brake Failure (EPB)  Petrol
Audi A8 2003 Injector Fault  LPG
Audi S2 Intermittent and Progressive Failure to Start Petrol
Audi S3 2001 Rough Idle  Petrol
Audi TT Quattro 2001 CAN Bus Fault Petrol
BMW 120 M Sport (E87) 2006 Juddering at Low Speed Diesel
BMW 325i E36 1991 Poor Performance Petrol
BMW 5 Series 2000 Braking Fault Petrol
BMW 545 E60 2003 Charging System Communication Error Petrol
BMW E46 318i 2000 Non-Starter Petrol
BMW M3 2003 Electrohydraulic Gearbox Control Petrol
BMW Mini 2001 K-Bus Diagnostics Petrol
BMW X5 Intermittent Misfire Petrol
BMW X5 Battery Drain Petrol
Chevrolet Suburban Misfire and MIL concern Petrol
Chevrolet Uplander Crank sensor gap Petrol
Chrysler Concord Misfire Petrol
DAF CV DAF CF | Cutting out with no restart Unspecified
DAF XF95 EBS Braking Fault Unspecified
Dodge Ram 2003 Catalytic Converter Petrol
Ferrari 360 Intermittent Non-Start Petrol
Ferrari 355 1999 Surging at Idle and Poor Running Petrol
Fiat Bravo 1999 Intermittent Speedometer Petrol
Fiat Ducato 2004 Poor Starting Diesel
Fiat Punto Electronic Control Module (ECM) Failure Petrol
Ford US Windstar 1996 Misfire Petrol
Ford Escort 1999 Cranking with No Start Petrol
Ford Explorer 2002 Intermittent Missfire Petrol
Ford Fiesta 1.3 16V 2001 Misfire Petrol
Ford Focus 2003 Hard Start from Cold Petrol
Ford S-Max 2010 Sudden Power Loss  Diesel
Honda Civic FK2 (8th generation) | Engine rattle at idle speed **NEW**  
Honda CR-V 2007 Honda CRV with Severe Hesitation Diesel
Hyundai Porter 2006 Cold Start Problem Diesel
Jaguar E-Type 1961 Unstable Idle Speed Petrol
Jaguar X-Type 2006 Jaguar X-Type with Severe Power Loss Diesel
Jeep Compass 2007 Cylinder Misfire Diesel
Kuboto Mini Digger KX161-3ST (5 tonne) 2007 Lack of Digging Power **NEW** Unspecified
Lexus GS 300 Driveline vibration problem *NEW* Unspecified
Lotus 2004 Intermittent Misfire Petrol
Lotus Elise II High Idle Speed and Cutting Out Petrol
Maserati Quattroporte 2010 NVH Cabin Vibration Petrol
Mercedes GL550 2014 Turbocharger  boost Unspecified
Mercedes Sprinter 906 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 906 | Lack of power *NEW* Unspecified
Mercedes W140 S-Class 1995 Intermittent Misfire Petrol
Mercury Sable 1991 Surging at Idle Petrol
Nissan X-Trail Faulty piezo Injector   
Peugot 206 2006 Misfire Petrol
Peugot 406 2001 Midfire Petrol
Peugot 406 2001 Low Power P0191 P1138 MIL Diesel
Proton Impian Intermittent Non-Start Petrol
Renault Clio 2009 Renault Clio Fuel Pressure Problem Diesel
Rover 45 2004 Rover 45 with MIL on, P0170 Fault Code Petrol
Seat Arosa 2004 Non-Starter  Diesel
Skoda Octavia Crankshaft Reluctor Petrol
Smart ForTwo 2004 Misfire Petrol
Subaru flat 4 port and direct injection, non-turbo 2012 Cylinder Misfire Petrol
Subaru Legacy SE 2006 Subaru with incorrect ABS operation   Petrol
Toyota Loss of Power P1251 Unspecified
Toyota Avensis 2002 System too Lean Petrol
Toyota Celica 2001 Poor Running Petrol
Toyota Hilux 2007 Non-Starter Diesel
Unspecified Low Speed ABS Fault Unspecified
Unspecified Scan Tool Communication Fault Unspecified
Unspecified Poor Interior Temperature Control Unspecified
Unspecified Diesel Engine Rebuild Testing Diesel
V8 Troubleshooting a Knock Sensor Petrol
Vauxhall Astra 2001 Misfire Under Load Petrol
Vauxhall Corsa 1999 V6 Transplant Petrol
Vauxhall Corsa 2004 Non-Starter Petrol
Vauxhall Signum 2003 Misfire Petrol
Vauxhall Zafira 2000 EGR Valve Diesel
Volvo FMX V4 2016 Volvo FMX V4 Euro 6 Fuel Pressure Fault *NEW* Unspecified
VW Bora 2002 Faulty Air Mass Sensor Diesel
VW Caddy 2007 Lack of Power - Poor Cold Start Diesel
VW Golf Misfire Petrol
VW Golf 1.9 TDI 2003 Variable Nozzle Turbine Pressure Control  Unspecified
VW Golf 2001 Rough Running Diesel
VW Golf 2004 Noise, Vibration and Harshness VW Diesel

Real Life Diagnostics

Everyday Diagnostics

In this series you tell us how you’ve used a PicoScope automotive oscilloscope to diagnose vehicle faults in your everyday life. Everyday diagnostics — anything but everyday faults.

Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics

WPS500X Pressure Transducer​

New Tutorials Coming Soon…

New tutorials are added to this section regularly. To make sure you don’t miss the next tutorial remember to subscribe to the free Pico monthly email newsletter. As well as details on the latest tutorials each newsletter also contains details of upcoming automotive exhibitions and training courses, together with news of Pico automotive hardware and software.

Auto-Solve Diagnostic Assistance CD-ROM

Auto-Solve automotive software CD

The Auto-Solve Diagnostic Assistance CD-ROM provides help on a wide range of topics and vehicle problems — virtually all that you are likely to encounter, together with with diagnostic flowcharts and an extensive waveform library to assist in fault diagnosis and problem solving.

With 252 topics and 651 technical illustrations (including 133 waveforms) the Auto-Solve Diagnostic Assistance CD-ROM is the ideal companion to the Automotive Diagnostics Kit.

More information >

How to Tutorials - Pico Automotive Scope

Video Tutorial From Pico.tv

NVH Tutorial Video's - Excellent

White Papers

These white papers consist of a number of technical document that should be of interest to all Technicians.
Paper 1Automotive Serial Buses, a Detailed Comparison [CAN, CAN FD, FlexRay,
               LIN, BroadR-Reach]
* NEW * (Flip Version)
Downloadable pdf version -3.3Mb [44 Pages]  Detailed whitepaper on automotive serial buses canbus, canfd, flexray, lin

Other: Articles and eBooks

Pico Diagnostic Manual

Interested in Serial Automotive BUS, see this excellent white paper on
CAN, CAN FD, FlexRay, Lin & BroadR-Reach

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