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February 21 2017
Wiki Love

Oscium's WiPry-Pro just got some love and was ranked as one of the 7 Best Spectrum Analyzers as of February 2017. The ranking was based on 27 hours of research. The result is this video . Spoiler alert: WiPry-Pro was ranked as #3 out of the universe of spectrum analyzers. Highlights for WiPry-Pro...

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January 31
How Magnets and Copper Work Together & Why It Matters

Windmills, alternators, generators, motors all have to do with how magnets interact with copper. So understanding what magnets do to copper is important. It's important in design (material selection and space utilization) as well as in how to maximize performance (power output). In this video,...

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December 8
WiPry 5x Wins ACE Award

Oscium's WiPry 5x has been recognized as the ultimate product for 2016 in the category of Wireless / RF. Two other companies were recognized as finalist: Texas Instruments ($72 billion market value) and ON Semiconductor ($5 billion market value). The award, presented in partnership with EETimes and...

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November 25
WiPry 5x In the Wild

It always warms our heart to see Oscium gear out in the marketplace. We feel the love and wanted everyone to know how much we appreciate it. Here is a sampling of some of the posts. 5 GHz Real Wave View Gadetify Press Release Finding a hidden AP (it's like Easter except the egg is rotten). Same...

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March 30
How Would Superman Troubleshoot Wi-Fi?

Ever try to troubleshoot the invisible world of Wi-Fi without a way to visualize wireless activity? Money Saving Tip #404: Hire Superman If you don't have a way to see invisible interference sources, don't expect to reliably determine the cause of slow wireless speeds unless you have super powers...

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March 29
Using iPhone to Visualize Adjacent and Co-Channel Congestion

Oscium's WiPry-Pro can visualize wireless activity using what we call Real Time View. Beacon frames appear as either a parabolic or rectangular outline. This makes it easy to see adjacent or co-channel overlap. It is generally accepted that co-channel overlap is better than adjacent overlap. Co-...

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