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Aurora Probability in Northern Canada

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North America Aurora Map from
NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center

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GTCOCalcomp Digitizer Accessories



gtco-plan.jpg (18196 bytes)

Basic Plan Hold Down clamps are pictured here. These clamps allow you to mount multiple drawings/plans on the digitizer with the ability to flip back and forth between drawings/plans.

Plan Hold Down (2436 or 3648)

gtco-accessories.jpg (9017 bytes)

GTCO Super L mounted on a Dakota pedestal. This image shows the digitizer with the Plans Hold down on the left, the Keyboard holder on the right and the Monitor mounted on the Monitor arm which is attached to the Dakota Pedestal.

All the GTCO Super L Digitizers uses the same mounting options

This image shows the Super L from the back allowing you to see how the optional mounting brackets are mounted.

The mounting brackets are supplied as standard equipment with the Accutab and Surface Lit models.(Both these models are obsolete now)

Super L III, IV VI and Calcomp DrawingBoard V and VI use the same mounting options as the SL II show on the left.

Model is a MB-XXXX (XXXX=Size of Tablet active Area. 3648 Tablet requires the MB-3648 etc)

2436 Bracket


3036 Bracket


3648 Bracket


4460 Bracket


gtco-plan.jpg (9017 bytes)

This close up image shows the optional plans hold down brackets being used to hold a drawing on the digitizer. In most cases this hold down bracket is used with the Plans Hold Down™ Arm as shown in the 2nd image from the top.

3036 Plan Hold Down 3648 Plan Hold Down
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Deluxe Plan Hold Clamp

This image shows the Deluxe Plan Hold Clamp lying face down, when on the digitizer the two tabs at the top and bottom bolt to the C-Channel on the top and bottom of the digitizer. The black strip shown in the image is the rubber portion that clamps the plans down the entire length of the tablet. (See technical sketch below)

                       3648 Delux Plan Hold Down
PHD-3648 Top & Side View

Technical Drawing showing the PHD-3648 Plans Hold Down for 3648 Super LII ,
 this is different to the one listed above.


Image Showing the Roll Up Digitizer Being Rolled for Storage. Note the optional Carrying Case in the background.
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