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picoconect probes

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PicoConnect 900 Series:
RF, microwave and gigabit probes

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This new series of passive oscilloscope probes dramatically lowers the cost of performing low-invasive measurements on gigahertz-frequency circuits. The PicoConnect probes have an extremely low input capacitance of typically 0.3 pF, which minimizes disturbance to the device under test and ensures a well-defined pulse response. This makes them more accurate than expensive active probes at very high frequencies.

RF and microwave passive test probes

PicoConnect famly of high performance of 4 and 5 GHz passive probes tailored to high bandwidth analog and pulse applications with minimal circuit loading

Gigabit digital passive test probes

PicoConnect famly of high performance low-impendance passive probes tailored to the low-invasive probing of high-speed transmission lines and ports out to 18 Gb/s (9 GHz)
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