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Tinytags are self-contained data loggers that can measure and record temperature, humidity, or a range of other parameters over a period of time, in a variety of locations.

Tinytags are easy to use. Simply connect the logger to your PC using a USB or serial cable, and use Tinytag Explorer data logging software to configure the logger to take readings when required and then place the logger where the data will be recorded.

To retrieve the data, re-connect the logger to your PC and use Tinytag Explorer to view it in a convenient graph format. The data can then be saved and exported to other applications.

Tinytags can be supplied with UKAS traceable calibration certificates for validation purposes.

A wide rage of Tinytag accessories are also available to use with your data logger.

If you need more guidance, you can search our application industries to find more information on which products are suitable for you.


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tinytag logger
Tinytag data loggers

Whether soaring through the skies with air freight, trawling the depths for ocean research or more down to earth in composting, Tinytag data loggers offer you great versatility. Find out how they can data log for you.

explorer software for tinytag
Data Logging Software

Easily accessible and user-friendly, our Window’s based Tinytag Explorer software gives you simple steps to configure your data logger. When you re-connect the logger to your computer instant compilation and display of the data you have been recording is available.

tinytag accessories
Tinytag Accessories

Gemini Data Loggers has a range of connection cables and accessories for use with Tinytag data loggers. Find out more about the attachable Alarm boxes to alert you to significant changes in the parameter you are monitoring and the Stevenson screens to give your data logger added protection.

tinytag probes
Tinytag Probes

Gemini Data Loggers are always searching for ways to improve data logging. For example with probes that allow you more precise recording, like measuring a product's core temperature...

tinytag calibration

Gemini Data Loggers provides UKAS traceable calibration certificates.


tinytag solutions
Do you need a different application solution?

Renowned for providing robust temperature and humidity monitoring in a wide variety of data logging applications, Gemini’s Tinytag data loggers and probes can also be used in many other applications. If you do not see what you are looking for here our extensive range can be adapted to suit most needs thanks to in-house manufacturing, offering you a custom solution if and when required.

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