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Whether you need a waterproof temperature data logger to brave the depths of the ocean or lightweight humidity loggers for transport by air, Gemini’s Tinytag loggers and data logging software provide solutions.

Tinytag data loggers have been used in a wide range of applications in varying conditions and locations to measure and record temperature, humidity and a host of other variables.

The following are examples of real applications where our data loggers and data logging software are successfully used, so you can see how you may benefit from them.


applictions arrow Applications at a glance

Click on one of the following industries to see how Tinytag data loggers can simplify the task of data acquisition for you.



Tinytags offer great environmental monitoring systems. For discreet monitoring in a building, Tinytags fit the space and your budget. Also here you’ll find waterproof temperature data loggers for the rigors of river and ocean monitoring, as well as rugged data capture solutions for climate monitoring.



Used in food processing such as roasting, transportation, frozen food shipping or storage places to monitor for example freezer and refrigerator temperature, Tinytags help you ensure HACCP compliance and the quality of your goods.

healthcare and laboratories

If you work with sterilization processes, vaccine and blood product transportation, fridges, freezers and culture rooms or similar areas, you’ll find a variety of Tinytags to meet your requirements. For example if you require the monitoring of medical refrigerator thermometer, Tinytag does a thermometer’s job for you and produces an audio alarm when an unwanted change in temperature occurs.


Tinytags fit in perfectly with the logistics of shipment / transportation and storage, with a range of probes for product specific temperature monitoring and shock and vibration data loggers to identify product mishandling.


Be it for the tiniest seed in horticulture or the largest animal in livestock, Tinytag temperature and humidity data loggers make maintaining the optimum environments for agricultural processes a lot easier for you.


The Tinytag data logger range offers an array of features suited to Museums and Archives.  Units are available to measure temperature, humidity, shock and vibration with probed versions for sealed display cases or difficult to reach areas.


The use of Tinytag data loggers and probes is ideal to monitor temperature during the composting process to ensure the right temperature for optimum productivity.


Defense organizations worldwide use Tinytag environmental data loggers (EDL) to monitor variables that can cause premature failure of Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives (OME) such as the damaging effects of extremes of temperature, humidity and any impacts received when transporting or storing them.

Do you need a different application solution?

Gemini’s data loggers and probes can be used in many other application areas. If you feel your requirements fall outside of those listed, there is a good chance we have the logger for you or one ready to be adapted by our in-house engineers, who can rapidly produce cost effective bespoke solutions.

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