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Alter Design Builders, Inc. Alter Design Builders, Inc. is a subsidiary of the Alter Group. The Alter Group was established in 1955 and has developed close to 100,000,000 square feet of commercial real estate in 42 different markets for local, national and multi-national corporate clients. The firm was honored as Chicago's Developer of the Year at the 11th Annual Greater Chicago Commercial Real Estate Awards, named the 2000 Developer of the Year by Midwest Construction News and designated one of the Top 10 Fastest Growing Companies in Real Estate by Commercial Property News. Per Jerry Rivara, Chief Estimator, "Alter originally purchased the MC2 estimating system and found that for preliminary/conceptual estimates, the MC2 system was too bulky. As a result, Excel became the preferred application for assembling estimating numbers. MC2 was used as a digitizer takeoff tool and the quantities generated where then manually entered into our Excel spreadsheets. With our BidPoint application, quantities and the associated drawings are now digitized directly into our Excel spreadsheet. For our operations, BidPoint and Excel is a significant improvement over MC2."
General contractor or construction management
Jerry Rivera
Anderson Concrete Construction Multifamily / commercial turnkey concrete contractor that has been in business since 1997 and currently generates in excess $10 million per year in revenue. Prior to implementing BidPoint, Anderson purchased StarBid by Geac Systems. Per Dennis Motley, chief estimator "we tried to implement StarBid and found that it was much too difficult. We then moved to Excel and used StarBid as a digitizing tool and manually entered the quantities into a custom designed Excel spreadsheet. Excel works well and BidPoint now let's us digitize directly into Excel. We have also used the concrete Excel estimating templates supplied with the BidPoint software. BidPoint works great for several reasons - one, it is easy to use and two it is accurate with a picture of what you digitized saved with the Excel file. BidPoint drastically speeds up the process and allows me to get more done - it has provided Anderson Concrete with a substantial return on investment."
Concrete contractor
Dennis Motley
CF Jordan Residential C. F. Jordan Residential, a division of C.F. Jordan, was established to provide a financially strong and bondable multifamily contractor to meet the needs of a changing marketplace. C.F. Jordan was founded over thirty years ago and has completed over $4 billion worth of project value for both public and private clients across the country. The Residential Group focuses on wood framed construction in the areas of apartments, condominiums, town homes, senior living, assisted living and military housing projects. The Jordan Residential Group brings the discipline of a seasoned general contractor to an industry not familiar with professional pre-construction planning, aggressive scheduling and high-quality workmanship. Per Frank Haas, estimator, "we have always created our estimates using custom developed Excel templates. Previously we used Timberline software to digitize quantities and then entered the values back into our Excel templates. With BidPoint we now digitize directly into our Excel templates. The BidPoint graphics are outstanding. I recommend BidPoint and Excel highly."
General contractor or construction management
Frank Haas
CL Lewis & Company C. L. Lewis & Company was founded in 1929 and is a commercial general contractor with an impressive record of industrial, commercial, institutional and restoration projects. According to George Watson, Chief Estimator, "we originally purchased a database estimating program that we never implemented and subsequently tossed away. I then created an estimating spreadsheet developed in QuatroPro. Since BidPoint works directly in Excel, I have now changed my spreadsheet program from Quatro Pro to Excel to take advantage of BidPoint. I am plenty happy with BidPoint. I do like the speed and accuracy. It's excellent for curves and irregular shaped plans. Even though I had to move everything and learn Excel, BidPoint is a big improvement. It's a good investment. Overall, I recommend it highly."
General contractor or construction management
George Watson
Clayco Construction Founded in 1984, Clayco Construction Company is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, with full-service offices in Chicago, Dallas and Detroit. A leading design/build and general contracting firm, Clayco currently has projects under construction in 25 cities across the United States. In 2001, Clayco will deliver over 16-million square feet of new construction. Since 1990, Clayco has completed more than 50-million square feet of design/build construction. Clayco is the leading site-cast architectural (tilt-up) concrete contracting company in the country. According to John McMillan, Vice President Marketing/Operations, "I like BidPoint a lot. BidPoint gives a good record of what I've done, dumps right in Excel and is easy to use. It definitely speeds up the process. I recommend BidPoint."
General contractor or construction management
John McMillan
CMPA, Inc. CMPA is a commercial general contractor that has been in business since 1989 and generates annual revenues of approximately $40 million. According to Mike Higgins, Chief Estimator, "I like BidPoint because its friendly and it works right in Excel. Excel estimating with BidPoint is good for conceptual estimates all the way through bid day. I have over the years developed Excel estimating templates and have also used the Excel spreadsheets provided with the program. I recommend it to anybody - BidPoint will cut your takeoff time by 80%."
General contractor or construction management
Jack Bullock
Paul Pogue Construction Pogue Construction is a commercial general contractor that has been in business for over two decades. Pogue has approximately $90 million in annual revenues with the majority of revenues being generated as construction manager at risk for educational facilities. According to Jeff Kirk, Chief Estimator, ?I?m very happy with BidPoint. We originally invested a lot of time and money in the MC2 estimating system and found that Excel with BidPoint is vastly superior for our way of estimating. Excel gives us more control in building the estimate from our point of view. Before we obtained the BidPoint addin, we digitized using the MC2 program and then manually typed the quantitiy back into our Excel estimating template. With BidPoint we now digitize directly into Excel. I can?t save enough about Vertigraph?s support. It is outstanding and timely. BidPoint, Vertigraph and Excel I highly recommend for automating the takeoff and estimating process.?
General contractor or construction management
Jeff Kirk
Royal International Royal International is a residential drywall and painting subcontractor with over 250 employees that generated appoximately $27 million in revenues for 2001. According to Sam Darwan, owner, "BidPoint is a great value compared with the other programs I have looked at. It's very practical and BidPoint allows me to do my takeoffs fast. I was very quick with doing takeoffs by hand. BidPoint however has cut my time in half or more. BidPoint is very good."
Speciality contractor
Sam Darwan
Downers Grove
Tiger Construction, Inc. Tiger Construction is a commercial general contractor that has been in business for over 25 years. In 2001, Tiger generated over $5 million in revenues. According to Carl Thomas, owner, "BidPoint is very easy and it works with our existing Excel templates. Absolutely, BidPoint saves us a lot of time. I can?t think of any improvements. It works the way it should work. I recommend it without a doubt."
General contractor or construction management
Carl Thomas
Mount Pleasant
Wright Commercial Wright Commercial is a commercial general contractor generating approximately $30 million per year in revenues. Wright originally licensed the Timberline estimating software and has subsequently changed to Excel with the BidPoint Excel addin. According to Rick Hudson, Chief Estimator “Yes, I like BidPoint. It works very well in our Excel spreadsheets and it saves us a bunch of time. Of course, I recommend the BidPoint software.”
General contractor or construction management
Rick Hudson
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