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Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

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Intuitive & Easy to Use

iMSO-104 is the first mixed signal oscilloscope designed specifically for the iPhone, iPod touch, & iPad. It's intuitive and easy to use, which is why it's the preferred scope for the next generation of inventors. But don’t take our word for it. Download iMSO in the App Store and test drive the interface for free. 

Product Specs

  • iMSO-104 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Hardware
  • 1x/10 Analog Probe
  • Logic Harness (4 Digital 1 Ground) 
  • SMD Grabbers (5 pieces)
  • Bandwidth 5MHz
  • Max sample rate 12MSPS
  • Screwdriver for Analog Compensation Adjustment
  • Analog tip covers (2 pieces)

Buy the iMSO-104 [OSC1000] Online here:


'Hands On' Test Equipment

Oscium's iMSO-104 is intuitive which means you can spend more time debugging than fumbling with the test equipment interface. Our friends over at ThinkGeek illustrate how easy it is to change the analog trigger level in the video on the left and on the right we've recently added another video that shows iMSO-104 in action:

Buy the iMSO-104 Online

Intuitive hand gestures are used to navigate:

  • Zooming - Changing the vertical & horizontal scales can be done by moving two fingers away from each other. And, to zoom out, simply pinch the screen moving two fingers toward each other. 
  •  Repositioning Channels - Both the analog and digital channels are also easy to reposition. Touch and swipe the desired channel to any position on the screen to customize your display.

download data sheet 

Product Specs


  • iMSO-104 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Hardware
  • 1x/10 Analog Probe
  • Logic Harness (4 Digital 1 Ground)
  • SMD Grabbers (4 Digital 1 Ground)
  • Bandwidth 5MHz
  • Max sample rate 12MSPS
  • Screwdriver for Analog Compensation Adjustment  
  • Analog tip covers (2 pieces)
download manual 

 FFT & Dynamic Measurements

imso104dynamic imso104dynamic2
We appreciate all that asked for FFT! Because of your feedback, we have added this functionality and it is now part of iMSO-104. The screenshot on the left highlights FFT in action. The screenshot on the right shows some measurements that are available with the cursors. iMSO is also capable of tracking up to six different measurements, which are all displayed at the top right of the display. If you're an FAE or on-the-go, we have also added the ability to save three different configurations. Now, you only have to set up your scope once and it will remember who you are. 


Frequently asked questions about the product iMSO-104.

Can I measure AC voltage and what range?
What is the input impedance of the analog channel?
What is the threshold of the digital inputs? At what value do they switch from high to low and vice versa?
Can you explain the format of the .csv data logging file?
What is the meaning of 104 in the name iMSO-104.
Do I need an app to use iMSO-104?
I have ideas on how to improve your scope. Want to hear them?
I am in Demo Mode. Are there other types of signals that I can view?
Can you add another language to iMSO?
I understand that iMSO-104 uses the battery from my phone, touch or tablet. How long can I use it before I need to recharge?
Does iMSO hardware have a warranty?
Which Apple devices does iMSO-104 work on?

iMSO-104 works on all generations of the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad devices running iOS version 3.1.3 or higher. It is made for:

iPod touch (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation), iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad 

Made for iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone

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