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GEMINI Tinytag - Data Loggers

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Gemini Tinytag Loggers

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A flexible range of Tinytag data loggers designed to meet the requirements of a variety of different applications.

Tinytag Plus 2
Tinytag Plus 2
Tinytag Plus 2
A new range of robust water-proof data loggers.
Tinytag Ultra 2
Tinytag Ultra 2
Tinytag Ultra 2
A new range of cost effective data loggers.
TinyTag View 2
Tinyview Plus
Tinytag Vew 2
A range of data loggers with displays
Tinytag Talk 2

Tinytalk 2

Tinytag Talk2
A range of economical, compact, versatile data loggers

Tinytag Transit 2

Tinytag Transit

Tinytag Transit 2
A range of low cost loggers designed specifically for shipment monitoring

Tinytag Energy

Tinytag Speciality

Tinytag Energy
An easy to use, non-invasive, cost-effective energy data logger 

Tinytag Handheld

Tinytag hand held

Tinytag Handheld
Portable temperature and humidity unit for spot reading and data logging

*NEW*Tinytag Instrumentation


Tinytag Plus IS

Tinytag Instrumentation
Voltage, current and count data loggers which connect to third party sensors

Tinytag Plus Re-Ed (Obsolete)
Replaced by Instrumentation

Tinytag Plus Re-Ed

Tinytag Plus Re-Ed (Obsolete)
A range of loggers that can be used with non-standard sensors. Monitor Voltage, Current and Counts

Tinytag CO2

Tinytag co2 Data Logger

Tinytag CO2
Carbon dioxide data loggers for indoor air quality monitoring

Tinytag Splash 2

Tinytag splash

Tinytag Splash 2
Waterproof, fast response data logger ideal for high tempertature monitoring

Tinytag Aquatic 2

aquatic logger

Temperature data logger that can be submerged at
depths for long periods
Tinytag Plus LAN

tinytag plus LAN

Tinytag Plus LAN

Data loggers with Ehernet connectivity
Tinytag Dry Shipper


Tinytag Dry Shipper
Specialist cryogenic temperature logger for use with nitrogen dry vapour
Tinytag Plus IS
**A few left in stock!!!**

Tinytag Plus IS

Tinytag Plus IS
A range of Ex rated data loggers for use in hazardous areas


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Tinytag Product Guide


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Gemini Tinytag Loggers


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