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In-Vehicle Networking Newsletter

FlexConfig RBS 5.3 and FlexConfig Analyzer 4.1
 FlexSwitch 1000BASE-T1 - 7 port 1000BASE-T1 Switch
FlexConfig SDK 1.2
STAR Academy
We regularly make adaptations to meet the current market requirements so we can make your everyday work easier. With FlexConfig RBS and FlexConfig Analyzer you are always up-to-date. Make sure your systems are updated and benefit from our latest features.
We are also pleased to present our latest product – the FlexSwitch 1000BASE-T1 is now available.
You can also take advantage of this second opportunity to benefit from the know-how of our STAR® experts! Due to popular demand, we will be running all of our previous ELECTRONICS webinars for a second time – live, of course! Make sure you reserve your place!
FlexConfig RBS 5.3 and FlexConfig Analyzer 4.1 - New features for combined strength
A new version, of the intuitive and powerful software, FlexConfig RBS will be available for you soon.
With version 5.3 onwards, LIN bus systems can be conveniently configured in the GUI (user interface) of FlexConfig RBS. You can very easily simulate LIN Masters and LIN Slaves by loading the appropriate network description format in LDF format (.ldf). As you would expect, FlexConfig RBS supports all common security features, such as TLS, IPSec or AUTOSAR SecOC. It is also easy to implement various time synchronisation mechanisms, e.g. PTP Master/Slave according to 802.1AS / IEEE1588 PTP or AUTOSAR Timesync, as well as setting up a Boundary Clock. The FlexConfig Analyzer visualisation unit – available in FlexConfig RBS for Windows and as a separate APP for Android (version 4.1) – has a wide range of instruments for visualisation and analysis. We have expanded the previous visualisation options for CAN, LIN and FlexRay data in the current release so that it also covers Automotive Ethernet including SOME/IP. You can now clearly display data within an Automotive Ethernet network using the current graphic elements.

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FlexConfig SDK 1.2 – fast and easy integration of bus data into your Windows applications
We develop FlexConfig SDK on an ongoing basis and adapt it to user requirements. The new release 1.2 provides immediate support for automotive Ethernet networks in addition to the CAN-HS, CAN-FD and FlexRay bus systems. In addition to this, it is now also possible to receive and interpret SOME/IP messages.

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FlexSwitch 1000BASE-T1 - 7 port 1000BASE-T1 Switch
The innovative switch in a robust aluminium housing is one of the first devices to be available on the market with 1000BASE-T1. Each of the 7 ports used for 1000BASE-T1 can also be operated in 100BASE-T1 mode. Two integrated SFP ports provide you with maximum flexibility. The integrated ARM® Cortex® M7 CPU with dedicated on-chip memory provides sufficient processing power and enables AVB protocols to be used, such as the Precision Time Protocol (PTP). Up-to-date single-pair Ethernet cables with compact connectors (in accordance with IEC 63171-6) mean less weight and fewer cables.

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STAR Academy – the second round of knowledge transfer
Six new dates have been organised for our STAR® webinars and you’re sure to find a topic that is suitable for you! Register directly with us for free.

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