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 GSM Dialer

Replaced by the Keystone Model AD-06

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The relay controlled GSM and PSTN auto-dialers add an additional level of alert notification.  The units are especially ideal for notifications in the unusual event of a network failure and also for alert notifications from remote locations where a network connection is not available for SNMP or E-mail alerts.  Battery back-up ensures that the auto-dialer can still deliver alerts even if its power source is lost.  The dialers can be programmed to call up to nine different phone numbers and play a pre-recorded message to each person who answers, until the message is acknowledged.  The dialers contain two triggers, and each trigger can have its own pre-recorded message.

The APD-G05 GSM requires a SIM card and 9V battery (to be run on when power is lost).  The dialer connects to the relay output port on your environmental monitor.

Note: this auto-dialer will only work with mobile-phone carriers that use a GSM-based network.  It will not function with CDMA, iDEN, HSPA, or LTE-based networks.  To our customers from Canada: this means, unfortunately, that the dialer will not work with Telus Mobility, as Telus uses CDMA.  Rogers Wireless, ICE Wireless, and Keewaytinook Mobile are the only Canadian carriers known to support GSM at present.

APD-G05 GSM Auto-Dialer Kit includes:

1 x GSM slave unit
1 x US 12V adaptor
1 x 5m alarm cable
1 x fixing kit for drywall
1 x Installation Manual (universal for ITW/Gmfg)
1 x 7.2V NiMH battery pack

User Manual: GSM Auto-Dialer

Looking for a PSTN Dialer - Call US 1-877-902-2979

Buy GSM Dialer - Replaced by the Keystone Model AD-06


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