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DrawingBoard VI

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Create comprehensive and precise designs with DrawingBoard VI. The large-format digitizer is the industry leader in resolution and accuracy for blueprint measuring. Quick and easy setup along with advanced integration features makes DrawingBoard VI the digitizer of choice for any size project. PLEASE CALL US TO ORDER

Connect and Create

Integrated USB and RS-232 Serial connections allow power to be supplied through designated ports, providing instant access to PC and estimating software applications.

Cutting Edge Precision

Access state-of-the-art positioning grid technology engineered for high performance to ensure superior quality and reliability. DrawingBoard VI provides multiple accuracy versions designed to match specific system requirements.

A Different Point of View

Use cursors and stylus pens to inspire and enhance productivity. DrawingBoard VI supports a variety of pointing devices that consolidate several tasks into a single and convenient operation for increased efficiency.

  • Cordless or corded 4-button cursor
  • Cordless or corded 16-button cursor
  • Cordless or corded click tip pen with two side buttons
  • Illuminated 16-button cursor with high-accuracy digitizers


Platform Support PC
Software Drivers
Hardware Interface
Absolute Accuracy
Microsoft Windows® 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8
USB, RS-232 Serial (Requires optional Power Supply)
±0.002 in / ±0.051 mm; ±0.005 in / ±0.127 mm; ±0.010 in / ±0.254 mm
Resolution Up to 12,700 lines per inch/500 lines per mm real resolution
Repeatability 1 LSB (least significant bit)
Proximity >0.4 in / 10.2 mm, cordless; >0.8 in / 20.3 mm, corded 0.5 in / 12.7 mm
Self-Diagnostics Automatic testing RAM, ROM and microprocessor
Baud Rate Up to 38,400
Data Rate Up to 200 coordinate pairs per second
Technology Electromagnetic
Output Formats 32 industry-standard formats
Cursor Switches Elastomeric keypad, rated life over 1 million actuations
Emulations CalComp 3400, GTCO T5A, Summagraphics Microgrid
Operating Modes Point, line, run, track, incremental, prompt
Power Supply 120 V/60 Hz, 220 V/50 Hz (required for RS-232 serial connection)
No supply required for USB connection
Power Requirements 5 Volts, DC, 100 mA current draw (USB)
9 Volts, DC, 200 mA current draw (with Power Supply)
Certification UL 1950, EN60950, FCC, VCCI, CE, EN55024, EN55022, Industry Canada
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Humidity Range
41 to 115°F/5 to 46°C
0 to 150°F/-18 to 68°C
10 to 95%, noncondensing
Altitude Range 0 to 10,000 ft./0 to 3,077 m
Warranty One-year limited warranty; extended warranty available for Large Format tables - U.S. only
Included Components - DrawingBoard VI digitizer
- Corded or cordless pointing device
- USB cable
- CD with Windows Drivers and User's Manual
- Mounting brackets (except for 20 x 24)
- Pen/cursor tray

Digitizer Options and Physical Dimensions

Model Active Area Footprint Weight Average Shipping Weight
DB6-2024 20 x 24 in/508 x 609.6 mm 29 x 34 in/737 x 864 mm 13 lbs./5.9 kg 31 lbs./17.7 kg
DB6-2436 24 x 36 in/609.6 x 914.4 mm 32.5 x 46 in/826 x 1,168 mm 19 lbs./8.6 kg 48 lbs./21.8 kg
DB6-3648 36 x 48 in/914.4 x 1,219.2 mm 44.5 x 60 in/1,130 x 1,524 mm 30 lbs./13.6 kg 79 lbs./35.9 kg
DB6-4460 44 x 60 in/1,117.6 x 1,524 mm 52.5 x 69 in/1,333 x 1,753 mm 40 lbs./18.2 kg 89 lbs./40.5 kg



VersaTable is the perfect companion for DrawingBoard VI. Easy to install pedestal provides greater functionality and a stable platform for precise and superior designs. All components are adjustable to suit personal preference.

Designed For Digitizer models 24" x 36" (A1), 30" x 36" (A1 ), 36" x 48" (A0) and 44" x 60" (A0 )
Weight Capacity Safely holds up to 360 lbs.
Tilt Angle 0-45 degrees
Vertical Travel 24° to 36° in 1 inch increments
Shipping Weight 90 lbs.

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