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PSTN Auto-Dialer (APD-T01)

Replaced by the Keystone PSTN Dialer

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APD-T01 Telephone Autodialer


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PSTN Auto-Dialer (APD-T01)

APD-T01 Telephone Auto-dialer:
- Requires Relay Port
Looking for a GSM Dialer, here is the link....
The relay controlled GSM and PSTN auto-dialers add an additional level of alert notification.  The units are especially ideal for notifications in the unusual event of a network failure and also for alert notifications from remote locations where a network connection is not available for SNMP or E-mail alerts. 

Battery back-up ensures that the auto-dialer can still deliver alerts even if its power source is lost.  The dialers can be programmed to call up to nine different phone numbers and play a pre-recorded message to each person who answers, until the message is acknowledged. 

The dialers contain two triggers, and each trigger can have its own pre-recorded message.

This relay controlled telephone auto-dialer connects to a RelayGoose II  and standard telephone line.

PSTN kit includes:
1 x PSTN slave unit
1 x US 12V adaptor
1 x 5m (16 ft) alarm cable
1 x US telephone cable
1 x British telephone cable
1 x fixing kit for drywall
Looking for a GSM Dialer, here is the link.... to the Keystone GSM Dialer

Replaced by the Keystone PSTN Dialer

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