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BidPoint XL Digitizer Takeoff into Excel
Digitizer Takeoff into Excel

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BidPoint XL, an Excel add-in program, digitizes directly into Microsoft Excel. That makes fast takeoffs even easier. No need to flip-flop back and forth between Excel and a separate digitizing application. Simply click on a spreadsheet cell and electronically measure and draw items from paper plans in seconds. The digitized quantities and drawings are saved with the Excel cell and file. BidPoint XL is so user friendly that most estimators are up and running in less than fifteen minutes.



Download a full featured evaluation of BidPoint XL

Version 7 now available. 



While working in Excel, edit, format and print the digitized drawings. Apply a variety of colors, line styles, count symbols and area fill patterns to the digitized drawings. Layer drawings to view multiple images on screen and generate a scaled, color-coded printout. You can even hear the takeoff by assigning unique sounds to each digitizing action. Sample estimating Excel workbooks for general contracting, concrete and many subtrades are included. BidPoint XL, Microsoft Excel and a digitizer tablet is all you need.

So, speed up your takeoff and make your job easier. Vertigraph bundles BidPoint XL with digitizers from all the leading manufacturers. Call today and see how BidPoint XL works for you.

Vertigraph offers live personal demonstrations over the internet. These software product demos will address your specific questions and needs. Approximate time per demo is fifteen minutes. Schedule an on-line demonstration today to see how BidPoint XL works for you.

If you currently have a digitizer and Microsoft Excel version 97 or newer, download a working copy of BidPoint XL and test drive its ease of use. After downloading and installing, please view the BidPoint XL help file for instructions about installing and configuring the digitizer.

Download full featured BidPoint XL Evaluation


Features of BidPoint XL

  • Ability to delete selected objects.
  • Improved print features with the ability to rotate the image and select the desired print scale. The print title block information is now automatically saved.
  • Ability to measure areas and perimeters of rectangles by entering three points instead of the previous required five points.
  • Ability to measure the area and circumference of circles by entering three points instead of tracing.
  • Ability to measure and draw arcs by entering a high and low point instead of tracing.
  • Macros can be assigned to the digitizer buttons to initiate measurements under Windows 2000. This feature is available using the GTCO Windows 2000 Wintab driver.
  • Ability to assign digitizer buttons for arc, circle and rectangle measurements.
  • Ability to assign a digitizer button to activate a popup menu that allows you delete objects, measure arcs, circles and rectangles, access style settings, close areas, end lines and stop the takeoff. The popup menu can be applied to a button on the cursor or pen stylus.
  • Status messages are now displayed as you digitize.
  • When tracing around curves, the number of points generated has been reduced.
  • Style library and the ability to share styles across multiple users and Vertigraph programs
  • Negative line segments
  • User definable keyboard shortcuts
  • Ability to annotate items on the takeoff screen
  • Customizable report setup  


New Features in Version 7

  • Operate flawlessly with both 32bit and 64bit MS Excel.
  • Windows 8 compatible.
  • New Excel Ribbon User Interface under Excel 2007, Excel 2010 and now Excel 2013. 


  • New takeoff ribbon replaces the old toolbars. 


  • Measure accurately when horizontal and vertical scales are different.
  • Create and change takeoff styles with enhanced color settings, area fill patterns, line style/width independence as well as enhanced user defined custom text count feature.
  • Control the drawings used in the project. Drawings can be defined, scaled and registered with the new Drawing/Project Manager.
  • Override default settings for the current project with the new Drawing/Project Manager.
  • Ability to easily delete digitized takeoff information with a single button.
  • New Create Template command easily creates a template from the current workbook.
  • Added Windows Themes now available for user display preferences. 

BidPoint XL System Requirements
Download full featured BidPoint XL Evaluation 

The following BidPoint XL documents are available for download:

Installation and Use Guide (177KB)
Update Instructions (981KB)
User's Guide (335KB)
Recommended Button Setup for GTCO (57KB)
Vertigraph Excel Takeoff Products (146KB) 

> 10 Minute Video Demo of BidPoint XL V4.0

 Schedule an on-line demonstration of BidPoint XL.

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