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Elinx ESW100 Series

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Great things do come in small packages. Our new ESW-Series Compact Ethernet Switches are industrial-hardened fordemanding applications like industrial automation, SCADA, traffic control, water management, building control and more. All these little workhorses come in hardened cases that mount 7 different ways and feature broadcast storm protection and dual power inputs so you can run them on IP30 AC or DC power.

61000-6-2 Level 3 Heavy Industrial Certification. So?
For all its complicated nomenclature, this means that our ESW-Series switches meet a very high standard for immunity to the electrical fields generated by industrial equipment like motors, pumps and relays. So, no matter what other equipment you have, you can count on these switches to give you uninterrupted communication.

See our ESW200 series for the same Heavy industrial certification and wide operating temperatures up to -40 to 75C.

Fiber Options
Choose fiber optic ports for long distance runs or applications requiring high noise immunity. Both multi-mode and single-mode fiber options are available with models that support 100BaseFX, LC factory installed fiber ports


  • Designed to meet (Heavy) industrial environments, Level 3, 61000-6-2 EMC certifications
  • Ultra Compact design: Less than 1 inch wide
  • Shock and Vibration tested
  • -10 to 60°C (operating temperature)
  • LC Single and Multi mode fiber ports
  • Fiber distances, 2km (multi-mode) and 20km (single-mode)
  • Redundant Power Inputs:
    12 to 36 VDC
    10 to 24 VAC
  • 10/100M, full/half duplex, MDI/MDI-X (Auto-negotiate)
  • Supports IEEE 802.3, 802.3u, and 802.3x standards
  • Industrial IP30 rated DIN rail case with 6 different Panel mount options
  • 2K MAC addresses
  • Broadcast storm control
  • 100% burn in testing
  • 5 year warranty
Model Number 10/100 Multi-Mode Fiber Single-Mode Fiber Temperature   Price
5     -10 to 60°C  
4 1 (LC)   -10 to 60°C  
4   1 (LC) -10 to 60°C  
8     -10 to 60°C  
7 1 (LC)   -10 to 60°C  
7   1 (LC) -10 to 60°C  
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