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Tinytag Connect


tintag connect

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About Tinytag Connect

Tinytag Connect is a central data management feature for Tinytag Ultra Radio, Plus Radio and LAN data loggers. Users are able to remotely access the data being recorded in their application from the convenience of their own desk. Multiple monitoring points can be easily accessed by any permitted user on a LAN, or over the internet by setting up VPN access to the computer running the system. 

tgp-4017 sheet downloadTinytag_Connect_Overview


Tinytag Connect: how it works

Tinytag Connect provides common functionality across Ultra Radio, Plus Radio and Plus LAN loggers, providing remote network access to data being recorded in a monitoring application.

Data from the loggers is collected automatically, and stored and managed by the Tinytag Connect Gateway. Data is then presented in the Tinytag Explorer Connect software which is used to configure the loggers and manage the system. A viewing pane presents a global system view.

Radio and LAN data loggers can be mixed and matched within a system to meet particular application, site layout and infrastructure requirements Monitoring parameters include temperature, RH, low voltage, current and count inputs; and a there is a choice of indoor or outdoor units.

Please send us details of your application using the form on the right, and we will be able to advise on the best solution and provide a quotation.



  • Automatic data collection
  • Remote data access via a LAN
  • Global system view
  • Radio and Ethernet connectivity
  • Robust data communications
  • Easy to use and flexible


Connect enabled data loggers

Ultra Radio data loggers
Plus Radio data loggers
Plus LAN data loggers

Datasheets & Documents 

tgp-4017 sheet downloadTinytag Connect User Manual 
tgp-4017 sheet downloadMinimum Specifications 
tgp-4017 sheet downloadMoving a Connect Master Gateway

tgp-4017 sheet download Tinytag Explorer Connect Desktop Viewer 


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