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Combination Custom Cables

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In recent years Kalestead has dedicated itself to developing and expanding it's range of custom manufactured cables. The range includes cables that combine signal cores with power cores and screened cores.

All of these combination cables are generally manufactured to customer's specific requirements and they can be supplied in either straight or coiled lead form.

Understandably, combination cables have become standard to us.

We cannot illustrate every cable in this category, but those shown below are an indication to the possibilities available.

Unit 1 .......... 2 x 2.5 amp PVC power cores (10 core)
Unit 2 .......... 4 x 20/0.071mm PVC ins twisted pairs screened
EXAMPLE 2: PVC SHEATHED - Diameter: 8.5mm
Unit 1 .......... 1 x 2.5 amp power core (23 core)
Unit 2 .......... 2 x 2.5 amp power cores individually screened
Unit 3 .......... 2 x 750mA PVC cores twisted pairs unit
Unit 4 .......... 18 x 14/0.071 PVC insulated cores



Braided Nylon Ropes Standard strain cords available in various breaking loads.
Kevlar Strain Cord These particular strain cords offer greater breaking strains at smaller diameters.
Tubes We can offer various tubes made from PVC, Nylon and P.T.F.E. These can be used for the extraction of fumes or to supply liquids.
Coaxial Cables Coaxial cables can be manufactured to your own requirements. Standard coaxial cable can also be supplied.
Tinsel Cores These can be used in our combination cables for extra strength and flexibility. See conductor chart for sizes.
Cable Printing We can offer a printing service, where we can print your cable with any name, part number or description of your choice.

If you have a specialised product, not listed above, that you would like included in your design, please contact our Sales Department who will be pleased to discuss your requirement.



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