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My cursor is not working as it should with my software!

The cursor or pen you use with your digitizer outputs codes which relate to the button pressed. Your software is programmed to react to the code it receives from the different buttons. There are three possibilities when it comes to resolving this issue.

1. The cursor is not outputting the codes it should, easy to diagnose. Download the TCU 3.4.1 Tablet configuration utility and test each button in turn, the utility is located at this link: tcu.exe or you can go to this link and download from here: https://www.interworldna.com/GTCO/gtco-drivers.php

2. The Tabletworks driver has been modified by someone to output certain commands which are not compatible with the program you are running, contact support at the software vendor whose software you are using.

3. The software program you are using allows you to change the button assignments and this has been modified, please read your software manual or contact your software vendor.
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Can I use the QuikRuler I with my Ridgid Super LII Plus digitizer? (Different set of rules for QuickRuler III - Call us)

[The QuikRuler I works without any additional cables with the Roll-Up Digitizer however to use it with the SLII you must purchase the optional cable kit which includes a separate power supply for the QR. The QuikRuler will only work with Super L series tablets which have the grey colored Super LII controller. [Will not work with Type 5 or 5A (Black Box) controllers]

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How can I test my GTCO Digitizer?

THIS TEST ONLY APPLIES TO THE SUPER L, SUPER LII AND SUPER LII (with Type 5, 5A and Grey Box Super L Controllers) These tests are not Valid for the Super LIII and Super LIV or Super L VI. (Black Plastic Box Controllers)

[When a digitizer does not work it is normally because of 3 possible reasons. 

1. The digitizer is defective! 
2. The Serial Interface (Com Port) on your computer is defective! 
3. Your application or Windows WinTab driver is not setup correctly. 

The following procedure covers testing the digitizer, once you eliminate this possibility you can get your IT support person or a technician to check out your serial port. This procedure requires you to first download the GTCOTEST Program from our Web site or to locate this program on disk 1 of your driver set that was provided with your digitizer. 

1. To download the GTCOTEST.EXE program go to https://www.gtco.com/files/gtest.exe and download this and install to your computer. (You need to install this while in Windows)

2. Restart Windows by selecting [START]-> [SHUTDOWN]->[RESTART IN MSDOS MODE] , this will start your machine into DOS, we want to eliminate Windows from this procedure in order to test just the Digitizer. (With Win2000 and XP you may need to find a bootable DOS disk, to boot into plain DOS or if Wintab is not loaded you can open a cmd box (Start -> Run - type "cmd" )

3. Once in DOS find the GTCOTEST program by going to the MS-DOS Folder/Directory where you downloaded it. Use the DOS "Dir " command. Say the file was placed in the GTCO Folder on your C: Drive then type ' CD GTCO ' to verify you are in the correct folder type " dir [ENTER] and you should see the GTCOTEST.EXE program listed. 

4. Now type GTCOTEST [ENTER] -> this will start the test program. 

5. Select communication and make sure you select the correct com port. 

6. Select super set code "01" on your digitizers superset menu. If your digitizer does not have a super set menu then using the dip switches set the tablet to the following: high resolution binary, 9600 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, continuous mode. The rest of the settings are not critical for this test. 

7. Now select Output from the menu option on the right hand side, select high resolution binary and voila you should see the co-ordinates coming from the table. Move the cursor or pen on the tablet to the bottom left corner and the co-ordinates should read close to 0.0000,0.0000 move to the top right and the number should be much larger. 

8. To test the grid you will need to run the read diode diagnostic, copy down ALL the 1's and 0's exactly as displayed and fax them to our support department. If you have a printer attached to your LPT1 port you may be able to do a print screen from the diode display. A musical tone at power up usually indicates a bad diode in the grid, occasionally this could be due to a defective power supply. Voltages are listed at this link.

9. There are other tests under the diagnostic menu, to interpret them you may need to call our technical support department. Calls for digitizer support while under warranty are free, after the 1 year warranty period the support department will charge you $75.00 per incidence. Windows 2000 and XP require special settings in the tablet works driver to be changed, suggest you call support at 877-902-2979


To Test Super L VI use the tabletworks test tab to check Push Button Codes and Co-ordinate output. Details here ->

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How do I know if my GTCO Digitizer is working?

[All GTCO Super L, Super LII, Super L II,III IV, VI and Super LX, Roll Up's and Accutab tablets emit 4 short beeps when you apply power(POS - Power on Self Test). If you get these four beeps then with 99% certainty the digitizer is working correctly and the problem could or should be elsewhere.] On the Super L VI you will also see a flashing green LED light in the top Righ Hand Corner.

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I have an old Black Type 5 controller with a Super LII tablet, can I still obtain a power supply for this?

[No, the power supply is no longer available.  In some cases we are able to repair these however you may want to consider buying a new tablet as the type 5 controller is more than 25 years old. For repair estimates or to order a new Digitizer call 1-877-902-2979.

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My GTCO System uses a controller inside my computer, think it is called a DigiPad PC, can I use this with my new PIII-600 system?

The DigiPad PC was obsoleted about 20 or more years ago. This controller was designed to work with 286 and 386 computers and will not work with the new high speed systems available today. We do however offer an upgrade controller that will allow you to use this tablet and cursor, the part number is: UPGDPC2SLII - Call 1-800-663-6001 for a quote or email: [email protected]
There are very limited quantities of these controllers and once gone that is it. (dated March 2014)

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Will the Super L II tablet with Type 5 or 5A controller work with Windows 98/98ME/NT,2000, XP Vista or Windows 7 & 8?

Yes, all GTCO controllers that have been sold in the last 25 years will work with Win 3.1, 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7/8. You will require the latest Wintab driver which can be downloaded from our web site at this link Select the correct one for your Operating System.]


Set the switches on the controller as follows

These switches to be on, the rest off.

Switch Bank 1:  3, 4 and 8 on

Switch Bank 2:  5 on

Switch Bank 3:  3, 4 & 7 on

The only variable to the above is as follows

Switch bank 3 switch number 5 should be on if you are using a 16 button cursor, off for 4 button or stylus.

Reset controller and after this reboot Windows. After booting you should be able to move the windows pointer around the desktop using the digitizer puck/cursor. If this does not happen you will need to talk with support to do further diagnostics on the digitizer.

If your controller has no switches which is the case in all the digitizers since the Super L III then make sure you set your superset menu to S01.

If you are interfacing via USB you do not need to set the superset menu, in fact the Super Set Menu is in-operative.
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What should the voltages on the output of my Power Supply for my Type 5 and 5A Controller be?

DP5_Power Supply Voltages Pin        Voltage
1             ( Plus 5V)
2             ( Plus 5V)
3            NC
4             (Plus  12V)
5            NC
6            (-12V)
7            COM
8            COM

9            Grnd

Output Current
Plus 5v DC - 1200 mA
Plus 12V - 150 mA
-12V - 100 mA

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We currently own a GTCO QuickRuler & Roll-up II and would like to connect to our PC. What will we require to do this?

You will need to have the unit connected with a cable to the PC, what cable depends on the model quickruler you have.

If it is older than 2007 (Date Bought) then a serial cable if it is 2 years or newer then more than likely USB cable.

You will also need the Driver which can be downloaded at this url:

https://www.interworldna.com/Home/gtco_drivers/qr_ibm.exe (This driver is not required for the QuickRuler III with USB)

This driver hooks into the keyboard interupt such that whatever program is running when you click on the send menu option on the QuickRuler the program will receive the number displayed on the QR into the application.

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What do the Diagnostic tones on the GTCO Super L II mean?
The Super L, Super LII and Super LII emits 4 short beeps for a succesful power up. If you get any other sequence of beeps the controller has detected a failure and in the case of the Super LII will stop functioning completely.

These are the most common failures with a description of each:

4 Short Beeps   -  Successful Power Up

Continuous Tone - Transducer (Puck or Cursor)  is outside the active area, will stop when transducer returns to active area.

5 short beeps pause 5 short beeps pause ...  - Grid Cable not properly seated or Tablet Lines missing (Critical Failure)

Hi Low Continuous Sequence ... Tablet not detected

Multiple short beeps (16 in rapid succession) - Critical Grid Failure Call Interworld - 877-902-2979.

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My Roll Up Digitizer (RUD) has a kink in it and now part of the digitizer is dead, can this be fixed?

The Roll Up 1, 2 or 3 all utilize a silk screen grid which when damaged renders the grid useless. As this grid is sandwiched between a rubber backing and a mylar substrate it is not repairable. So, the answer to your question is "there is nothing you can do with this digitizer" not repairable and is end of life for this unit. You need to buy a new digitizer. Sorry for the bad news.

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Constant Beep from my Roll Up Digitizer, about 1 beep per second. What does this mean?

If you are receiving 1 beep per second then unplug the Pen and/or Cursor. You should notice no change in the beep tone. This indicates a defective pen or cursor. Suggest you replace the pen or cursor and this should correct the problem.

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We need to connect our Roll Up Serial Digitizer to our computer which only has a USB port, can we use any USB to Serial adapter?

The answer is no if you will be using the GTCOCalcomp Tabletworks driver. This driver requires a specific model USB to Serial Adapter if it does not see this adapter the driver will not work and neither will the digitizer. If you are interfacing without the tabletworks (wintab) driver, then the software vendor will dictate how you need to connect - contact your software supplier (this post is also true for all serial GTCO, Calcomp and Summagraphics models). You can order the USB adapter from this web site or from any GTCOCalcomp authorized distributor.
Here is a link to order the adapter from Interworld:

Buy online:

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How do I get my digitizer to beep again when I measure a point?

Most GTCO Digitizers have a super set menu, in the case of the Roll Up this menu is on the bottom left of the pad, in the case of the Super L series the superset menu is top and center of the tablet. Look on the superset menu and you will notice a "Speaker" icon, click this and the beep should return. If you are interfaced via serial (RS232) and not USB AND your software uses the Tabletworks or Wintab driver, you can select superset menu S11 instead of S01, using S11 turns on the speaker and beeps with every point.

Finally, many software programs have a setup option that also allows you to turn on the beep on the computer when you take a point. Hope this works for you.


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 How do I calibrate my digitizer?

You cannot, all digitizers are calibrated at the factory before shipping, however, most CAD and/or GIS software programs provide the ability for you to calibrate the digitizer to the software.

The process usually involves selecting the calibrate function within your software program which will in turn tell you to either digitizer a known length or as in the case with AutoCAD to digitize a box with know dimentions, once you have done that you tell the software what the lengths are and the software then stores the calibration variables in order to produce an accurate takeoff or measurement.



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What should I know to be able to use my digitizer with AutoCAD? 


GTCOCalcomp have finally released their Tabletworks for AutoCAD driver. The driver can be downloaded from this link however to use the driver with AutCAD you will need to follow the prompts to pay, activate and receive the AUTOCAD capable version. 

Once you install the Standard Tablet works driver you will be able to use it with most porgrams requiring Wintab driver however for AutoCAD you will need to contact GTCO to pay and activate the driver extensions for AutoCAD.

Questions please call 1-877-902-2979

Driver download at this link: DOWNLOAD TABLETWORKS FOR AUTOCAD


AUTOCad Driver is sold by GTCOCalcomp at $95.00 USD for a 2 year activation.


How to Get Started with TabletWorks CADriver

  • Download and install TabletWorks CADriver (FREE to download)
  • Purchase a TabletWorks CADriver license by filling out an order form that’s available by contacting Markie Nielsen, Regional Account Manager at [email protected] or reach us by phone at 1.866.746.3015 Ext. 2264
  • You will receive an activation code via email
  • Right click on your TabletWorks software and choose Preferences
  • Copy and paste the activation code

For additional information, please give GTCO a call at 1.866.746.3015 Ext. 2264 or email Markie Nielsen at [email protected].



There are a number of issues to consider before connecting your digitizer to AutoCAD.

1. AutoCAD requires you to you a Wintab compliant driver in order to connect a digitizer. GTCOCalcomp provide a driver called TabletWorks which is not fully Wintab compliant and hence will not work with AutoCAD (Works with just about every other program requiring wintab, except AutoCAD) So, in order to use a digitizer with AutoCAD you need to purchase a driver from this web site https://www.vtablet.com (you can download a 30 day free trial to test) Driver price is less than $100 - check their site for exact price.

The company that published VTABLET.COM has shut down and this software is no longer available. The website has also gone offline. At this point in time there is no driver available to allow a digitizer to work with Autocad. If you can locate a file called TWSER2kXp211.exe or TWSER2kXP.exe this will work with Windows prior to Windows 7. This means XP, 2000. GTCOCalcomp engineers are working frantically to come up with a new driver that will work with GTCOCalcomp digitizers but at this point we have no ETA, apparently the release of this driver is imminent but with software one never knows. Keep Checking back here. (Updated Jan 2016)

USE THE TWSER2kxp211.exe at your own risk, the file is good but we have no way of knowing how it will work with your particular system. If this does work for you , please email support(at)interworldna.com. Thanks.

2. The VTABLET wintab driver does not support USB Digitizers. This means that you have to have the RS-232 Serial Interface option on your digitizer (This is available with all digitizers we sell, optional and prices at - $70) You will also need an RS-232 interface on your computer to connect this all together. If you do not have an RS-232 interface we suggest you first try get your IT guys to install a PCI or PCIe RS-232 interface into your machine. (This is best solution) as an alternative you can use our USB to Serial Adaptor details at this url: https://www.interworldna.com/GTCO/usbadpt-ks-ps.php 

3. If you will be using a GTCO or GTCOCalcomp branded digitizer with Superset Menu, select superset option S01, this will set the comkmunication on the digitizer to be compatible with the VTablet driver. If you have some other brand of digitizer you will need to set the digitizer as follows:
9600 Baud, No Parity, 8 data bits with 1 stop bit. Output format must be high resolution binary. You will essentially be on your own as there is not much support out there for these other brands of digitizers. Suggest you contact the company you originally bought your digitizer from. Interworld can only support models we currently sell or have sold in the past. (We cannot support old Calcomp (pre 2005), Mutoh, Numonics, Altek, Wacom models. FOr these please contact your original supplier.

4. When the VTABLET, Digitizer and Computer are all talking to each other you will be able to move your Windows mouse cursor with the digitizer pen or cursor. If you have this situation then all you will need to do is go into AutoCAD and tell ACAD that you have a Wintab compliant digitizer 

Hope this has been useful and gets you up & running.


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Using Tablet works to Test your Digitizer

Install and run your tabletworks driver software (Download from here) if digitizer is connected correctly and recognized by the computer then the tabletworks logo (small blue and yellow icon in taskbar, usually on bottom Right Hand Corner of screen) will have no red X displayed. If there is a problem communicating then the icon will have a red X. If you have a red X suggest you call support for assistance in troubleshooting the problem. Charges may apply.

If there is no red X you can proceed to right click on the icon and select TabletWorks Control Panel, then select the TEST tab, click the start button. After doing this you will be able to either press a button on your cursor or depress the barrel tip on your digitizer pen and drag the transducer accross the digitizer. This will result in a line being drawn on your screen indicating that the digitizer is working with the tabletworks drive. 

Different software programs require different setting within the tablet works control panel. The recommendation is to talk with your software vendor to establish which settings are correct for your particular program.

Troubleshooting assistance can be obtained by calling Interworld at 1-877-902-2979 (9:00am to 5:00pm PST. If the digitizer was bought from Interworld there will be no charge for trouble shooting digitizers 3 years old or younger. Older models may be subject to a support charge of $95.00 per incidence. Digitizers that were not bought from Interworld will be subject to the charge after a 10 minute free evaluation. Serial number will be required at time of call in.

QuikRuler III interface issues with USB 3 port under windows 10

Good customer reported problems with the QuickRuler under Windows 10. It has been reported that the QR (QuikRuler)  checks the state of the Numlock Key before it starts operating. During power up the QuikRuler may toggle that state of the NUMLOCK key, sometimes it reverses this state.If this happens the QR will not send the numbers. This is a known issue with Windows 10, and Microsoft is apparently aware of this bug. (Google: Numlock Key Bug, sendkey, toggles itself....

 Reported workaround from our good customer is to plug in a USB 2.0 Hub between the Computer and the QuikRuler. If you have a USB 2.0 port on your computer use that for the QR interface.
(This bug appears to be related to USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Interface Specification (xHCI)

Hope this post is useful to you. Thanks to Jorg Obermuller who took the time to understand the issue and provide us with the feedback to assist our customers. THANK YOU

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