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Logic LED Light Panel

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Turn any Digitizing Tablet into a

Surface Lit Digitizing Tablet


  • The Logic Tablet Light is a very thin (.3") light panel that lies on top the digitizing tablet allowing illumination while digitizing.

  • Place the item to be digitized on top of the light panel and digitize normally, the light panel will not affect your digitizing.

  • Works with almost all new and used digitizing tablets including GTCO, Calcomp, Numonics, Summagraphics, Altek, Kurta, even the GTCO Rollups.

  • Must be used with a corded pen stylus or cursor

  • All sizes available including  12x12, 12,x18, 18x24, 20x24, 24x36, 30x36, 36x48 and 44x60. See below table for pricing information

  • Perfect for drawings, blueprints, x-rays, outlines, anything

  • 70,000 hours life, 2000 Lx brightness, 0.3" inch thick, even illumination, no noise, minimal heat.

digitizer panel
light panel panel 5a


Description Price
Logic Tablet Light 12x12 $600 Please call us to Order
Logic Tablet Light 12x18 $1000
Logic Tablet Light 18x24 $1500
Logic Tablet Light 20x24 $1500
Logic Tablet Light 24x36 $1800
Logic Tablet Light 30x36 $2000
Logic Tablet Light 36x48 $2300
Logic Tablet Light 44x60 $2600
Logic Tablet Light 20x24 for GTCO Rollup 20x24 $1500
Logic Tablet Light 30x36 for GTCO Rollup 30x36 $2000
Logic Tablet Light 36x48 for GTCO Rollup 36x48 $2300



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