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 PDU Accessories

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Privacy and Security
monitored pdu
Order links and prices will be forthcoming in the very near future, for now, please call our order hot line at 1-877-902-2979.

International customers may call us at 1-425-223-4311 or email [email protected]

Enhance power strip functionality with a variety of accessories



pdu accessories, brackets

Select from a variety of bracket options to mount your Geist PDU. Choose from vertical and horizontal mounting options. See which bracket matches your PDU with our mounting bracket compatibility chart.


Horizontal Mounting Brackets

Bracket Description Item # Specs Order
19" Horizontal/Vertical Bracket 19" Horizontal/Vertical Bracket (7938BK)  View
23" Rackmount 23-RM Brackets (8065) View
Adjustable Mount AM View  
Cable Management CMB - 1 View  
Flush Mount FM View  
Panel/Side Mount - Zero "U" PM View  

Vertical Mounting Brackets

Bracket Description Part #  Specs Order
39" Full Length Mounting Bracket - Allows for up to 180 degree rotation of PDU 39" Full Length Bracket (7899) View
48" Full Length Mounting Bracket - Allows for up to 180 degree rotation of PDU 48" Full Length Bracket (7940) View
66" Full Length Mounting Bracket - Allows for up to 180 degree rotation of PDU 66" Full Length Bracket (7900) View
70" Full Length Mounting Bracket - Allows for up to 180 degree rotation of PDU 70" Full Length Bracket (8153) View
72" Full Length Bracket - Allows for up to 180 degree rotation of PDU 72" Full Length Bracket (8917) View
Bottom Clip - Plastic Mounting clips designed for use with Geist 1.61" x 1.61" (WxD) vertical power strips - Side Clip / 9083C also required - sold separately Bottom Clip / (9084C)  View
2 vertical offset brackets EZB-1 View
Side Clip - Plastic Mounting clips for 1.61" x 1.61" (WxD) verticals - Bottom Clip (9084C) also required - sold separately Side Clip (9083C) View
Two 4" L-shaped Brackets SLB-4 View
Toolless Full Length Bracket TLFL - Toolless Full Length Bracket View
Toolless Mounting Hardware Toolless Mounting Hardware (TLMH - 11621) View
Side Mount Toolless Mounting Hardware Bracket - Holds 1 or 2 vertical power strips TSMX2 - Toolless Mounting Bracket View
Vertical extension brackets VCB-1 View
Two 7" offset brackets, one top & one bottom XB-7 View


Locking Cord Sets

locking cord sets, pdu accessories, geist

Geist now offers cord sets with an integrated locking feature. With IEC C13 to C14 and C19 to C20 options, the cords lock to most powered devices in a data center. Built within the plug housing on the female end (C13/C19) of the cord, the patented integrated locking mechanism is protected against vibration and external elements that can easily dislodge other plug securing solutions like external locking clips and guides. This self-contained locking mechanism engages with any standard IEC male connector (C14/C20). Note: The cord locking feature is only available at the device-end of the cord sets. A power strip with locking receptacles must be available to secure these cords to the PDU.

Because the locking cord sets are compatible with any IEC power inlet, cords can securely attach to most any device in a data center. The locked cord is easily released by sliding the tab located on the C13/C19 connector. There are no special tools or equipment required.

IEC standards allow cord removal forces as low as one pound of force. This modest requirement means non-locking plugs could conceivably fall out easily from the weight of their cord alone. The security of locking cord sets is a must for environments with stringent uptime requirements.

Cable lengths: .5m, 1m, 2m
IEC Plug Types: C13 to C14 and C19 to C20
Colors: Orange and blue colored cord options
Certifications: UL and c-UL Listed


Type Length  Color Item Number Order
C13 IEC Lock to Male C14 500mm Blue 7201
C13 IEC Lock to Male C14 500mm Orange 7202
C19 IEC Lock to Male C20 500mm Blue 7202
C19 IEC Lock to Male C20 500mm Orange 7204
C13 IEC Lock to Male C14 1000mm Blue 7205
C13 IEC Lock to Male C14 1000mm Orange 7206
C19 IEC Lock to Male C20 1000mm Blue 7209
C19 IEC Lock to Male C20 1000mm Orange 7210
C19 IEC Lock to Male C20 2000mm Blue 7211
C19 IEC Lock to Male C20 2000mm Orange 7212



Standard Cord Sets

standard cord set, pdu accessories, geist

As with every item manufactured at Geist, cord sets can be made to order and will be individually tested before leaving the factory. Simply supply the cord lengths and plug and socket type. Options include locking multiple plug sets of various lengths.

Description Item # Specs Order
5-15P to C-13 7349 View
C-14 to C-13 8068 View
L6-20P to C-19 8124 View
6-20P to C-19 8125 View
L5-20P to C-19 8126 View
5-20P to C-19 8127 View
C-20 to C-19 8128 View
C-14 to C-13 8129 View
C-20 to (2) C-19 8175 View


Cord Management Kits

cord management, pdu accessories, geist
Quickly and easily conceal unsightly loose cords. 10' presplit plastic tubing can be easily cut to the length you need. Kits include tubing, color coded labels for easy cord identification and plastic ties to bundling cords.

For a 300' length of our 1" diameter tubing see 31240 or for 10' of our 1" diameter tubing see 31238.
Description Item # Specs Order
10' Black cord management kit- 1" diameter  31238 View
300' Black bulk management kit- 1" diameter 31240 View


Clips and Plug Shields

plugs and clips, pdu accessories

Secure plugs and avoid mishaps with clips and plug shields. Geist offers several clip and secure plug options to protect a data center's power consumption.

Description Item # Specs Order
Plug Shield C-13 9091 View
Plug Shield C-19 9092 View
Plug Shield Removal Tool 9093 View

Plug Clips

Description Item # Specs Order
C-13 Retaining Clip 7759 View
12 C-13 Clip Pack (12) 7759 (12) View
Cord Retaining Clip (multiple plug types) 8954 View


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