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Spring Loaded Connectors

This image shows the mounting of Four external front resistors (in series) on a small impulse generator (500kV, 8 kJ). Resistors are mounted on a fiberglass channel supported at the left end of the generator and at the right end on the load capacitor.

Four resistors in series can be mounted with two in parallel. A shorting bar with the slots on either end could be inserted instead of a resistor. (Same slots as on the resistor)


Spring Connector

The two images above and the one on the left shows the mounting of front and tail resistors on a large impulse generator (3.2 MV, 400 kJ) utilizing our spring loaded connectors. Here two resistors can be placed in parallel (for the vertical tail resistors) and two in series & three in parallel (for the horizontal front resistors.)

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This image shows the flat slotted terminal on a 225 kV, 20 Ohm, 20 kJ @ 1 shot/min resistor.

This slotted terminal engages in the spring loaded terminal. Time to remove and replace a resistor is just seconds, unclip and clip the new one in......!


All photographs provided courtesy of Powertech Laboratories, Surrey, B.C. Canada.


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