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Welcome to Live Support. Launching Live Support will cause your computer to connect to an Interworld support representative and allow them temporary control of your computer to fix the problem. When they are finished, they will close the connection and the LiveSupport software will be automatically removed from your system.

When you click on the link, you will have the option to Run, Open or Save the file. Please hit Open or Run. You may get a warning that the file may be dangerous. This is normal and this warning is shown by your browser when any .EXE is opened.

If you are using Netscape or a downloader program, then save isupport.exe to your desktop, and then run it.

Do not launch isupport unless you've been asked to do so by a support technician


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User Manuals:
Bidpoint XL V4 User Manual
BidScreen XL V5 User Manual
BidScreen XL User Manual
SiteWorx User Manual

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Siteworks Tutorial Guide
Tutorial Sub Grade Plan
Siteworx OS Tutorial
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Installation Guides
Bidpoint XL
BidScreen XL
Siteworx OS

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Bidpoint XL
BidScreen XL


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Address: 1480 Gulf Road, Suite 837,
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Western Canada - Vancouver BC

Tel:1.800.663.6001 or 1.604.925.6150
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Tel:1.800.465.0164 or 1.905.513.7027
Address: 3075 14th Ave, Unit 219,
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