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USB-4671 - GPIB USB Module

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Main Features
  • Supports USB 2.0
  • Portable
  • No need for the external power
  • Complete IEEE 488.2 compatibility
  • Full driver, library, and example support
  • Including; Visual C ®, C Builder® , Visual Basic® , and Delphi® drivers
  • Provides powerful and easy-to-use configuration utility
  • No GPIB cable requirement for instrument connection
  • Plug-and-play installation and configuration
USB-4671 is a high-performance USB Module with a GPIB interface. The Module is fully compatible with IEEE 488.1 and 488.2 standards with its USB 2.0 bus specification. With two driver control modes: controller mode and slave mode; USB-4671 can perform basic the IEEE 488 talker, listener and controller functions required by IEEE 488.2. You can also connect up to 15 GPIB instruments. Therefore, USB-4671 is especially suitable for instrument measurements and control. USB-4671 is available for Windows® 2000/XP, and it supports complete drivers and libraries. To make driver development easier, USB-4671 comes with example drivers programmed in: Visual C , C Builder, Visual Basic, and Delphi. Furthermore, USB-4671 also offers powerful testing features and a configuration utility that allows users to easily access and control instruments. USB-4671 offers a comprehensive supplementary controller driver database and provides standard IEEE-488 commands to help users develop applications.

  Ordering Information
  Part Number Description
  PCL-10488-2 IEEE-488 Cable, 2M
  USB-4671-A USB GPIB Interface Module


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