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USBee EX Experimenter's Board

Great for Students and Designers on a tight budget

Our USBee EX Experimenter's Board is a tiny PCB board and is ideal for students or designer's that need to get up and running with USB immediately and build a USB prototype or product.  With a mini-B USB connector on one end and signal pin headers on the other, this simple board will instantly USB enable your design.  Then using the USBee Toolbuilder source code, drivers and DLL's that are included you can write your own Visual Basic or C PC application to control and monitor the signal pins on the board.  It's as simple as 1,2,3. 

The USBee EX board specifications:
Cypress EZ-USB AN2135SC
Thickness: 0.031"
Board Size: 1.25" x 2.0"
Mini-B USB connector
14 0.025" square posts
8 Digital signal lines, 3 GND, 5V and 3.3V signals.

The board design (including BOM, schematic and software interface) is detailed in the USBee Design Guide which is included with the purchase of the USBee EX board.

This board also works with the Cypress EZ-USB Development kit software that you can download for free from Cypress Semiconductor's web site at www.cypress.com

The USBee EX Experimenter's Board has been proven to help in the connection of embedded designs to PC's using the USB bus, through it's simple design and USBee Toolbuilder software.


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