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New Kvaser white paper discusses ways to maximise CAN’s efficiency in next generation vehicles

By using a Virtual CAN Bus, we separate the control task from other tasks. The distributed embedded control system can be developed using standard CAN Controllers and transceivers in a traditional way with well proven tools.

Other tasks such as encryption, transmitter authentication, re-flashing, etc. can be developed by experts in these fields and carried out by using other protocols. With modern technology, the different tasks can run in parallel and simultaneously communicate on the same physical layer.

It is a great advantage to separate the control problems from other problems. The control problem can be solved once and for all by the control experts and other problems by experts in their respective technology fields.


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Hyundai Porter Cold Start Problem 

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  • Vehicle: Hyundai Porter 2 CRDi
  • Year: 2006
  • Engine Code: D4CB
  • Sympton: Engine poor during cold cranking and produced white smoke. Normal running once engine warmed. (See figure 1)


Many diesel vehicles manufactured after the year 2000 are equipped with a common rail diesel system. Using the wrong fuel, mistaken maintenance, and engine overheating can force a diesel car into a garage for investigation and repair. This car had a cold start problem, where the engine ran poorly and white smoke was apparent. The previous engineer had changed injectors and the actual engine head, however the problem still occurred.

We checked the compression using the scan tool, however in this case the scan tool showed compression as normal without any faults.

hyundai porter cold start problem fig 1
Figure 1: Cylinder balance test when warm

First we did a basic compression test using PicoDiagnostics, and found there was one cylinder suffering from low compression. Finally we had found that this was due to a bent con rod. Using the scan tool had shown compression as normal and the engineer trusted it. This resulted in wasting time and money changing injectors three times and the engine head. The final conclusion is far simpler when considering his effort.

hyundai porter cold start problem fig 2
Figure 2: Compression test result using PicoDiagnostics

Of course, there are some engineers who swap adapted injectors to normal injectors so that they can distinguish if this is an injector problem or mechanical problem, however, these engineers must have a scan tool which has a injector adaption function for a specific vehicle. In addition to this if accessing the injectors is difficult, without knowing for sure if this was a problem or not, the engineer is wasting a lot of time. The customer wants to know the exact problem and receive a quick repair. PicoScope did a great job in identifying the problem, and saved our engineer time in the process.

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