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Ultima II Digitizer GTCOCALCOMP Logo

ultima II digitizer

Replaced by the
Calcomp Drawing Board VI USB

High Performance Digitizers for
Graphic Arts,
Desktop Publishing,
Mapping and
GIS Applications


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The Calcomp Drawing Board III is the identical digitizer to the original Ultima II.
All Drivers, Cursors and Stylii are fully compatible and exchangeable between 
Ultima II and Calcomp Drawing Board III.

Versatile. Affordable. Accurate. Corded or Cordless Pointing Devices. Easy to Use. These are just a few of the many features you'll enjoy when you choose GTCO's new Ultima II© Digitizers. These high performance, affordable tablets will enhance your productivity for years to come. Easy installation and configuration allow Ultima II tablets to automatically interface with all leading hardware and software. In addition, the Ultima II Series supports 34 industry standard output formats and is fully compatible with MS-DOS® and Microsoft® Windows© personal computers, as well as SUN Microsystems® and UNIX workstations. For more information, or to locate the dealer nearest you, call  1-800-6... or  1-(604)...

Supports 34 industry standard output formats (including Summagraphics® MM1201 and GTCO T5A). Fully compatible with MS-DOS® and Microsoft® Windows© personal computers, as well as SUN Microsystems® and UNIX workstations. Offers Dynamic Windowing for switching between applications and more efficient use of the entire tablet surface.

Software Compatibility
Fully compatible with all leading CAD, mapping, graphic arts and desktop publishing applications. Custom drivers are also available to provide automatic SUN, Microsoft Windows©, UNIX, Autodesk® Device Interface (ADI®) and Microsoft Mouse© emulation compatibility.

Macro Compatibility
Surface menu provides 18 user-recordable macro blocks and as many as 16 additional user-recordable macro blocks from cursor or pen. Three sets of operational formats can be saved and accessed by a single menu selection from the tablet. The menu strip is removable so that blank replacement menus can be used to record customized commands.

Pressure Pen
Optional cordless, pressure-sensitive stylus offers a full range of dynamic sensing capabilities including 256 levels of pressure, tilt, and height. Pen pressure can be set and locked via a button on the tablet surface.

Outstanding performance at a competitive price.

Patented sensing technology and precision transducers provide 1/2540" resolution and ±0.01" accuracy.

Pointing Devices
A variety of interchangeable corded and optional cordless transducers are available for Ultima II tablets including, 16 button cursors, 4 button cursors and stylii. We also have a cordless pressure sensitive pen stylus for graphic arts applications.

Standard Equipment
Digitizer with Controller
Choice of Pointing Device (see options above)
Choice of 120V or 220V
Power Supply
Menu Protector
User's Manual
Software Manual
Active Area Footprint Weight
Model 1212 12" x 12" 14.6" x 15.9" 4.1 lbs
(305 mm x 305 mm) (321 mm x 404 mm) (1.9 kg)
Model 1218 12" x 18" 15.9" x 20.7" 9.5 lbs
(305 mm x 457 mm) (404 mm x 526 mm) (4.3 kg)

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Standard Features
Resolution 2540 lpi (100 lpmm)
Accuracy ±0.010 inch (±0.254 mm)
Hardware Interface RS-232 Serial Interface
Software Drivers Microsoft® Mouse© emulation, Microsoft Windows© (WinTab© compliant) Autodesk® Device Interface (ADI®)
Proximity >0.5 inches (12.7 mm)
Baud Rate Up to 19,200
Data Rate Up to 200 coordinates pairs/sec
Technology Electromagnetic
Output Formats 34 Industry Standard (including Summagraphics MM1201 & GTCO T5A DIGIPAD®)
Operating Modes Prompt, point, run, line, track, increment, mouse, delta, and grid update
Power Supply 100/120V or 220/240V wall mount power supply
Power Requirements 12 to 17 volts DC, 200mA current draw
Certification UL1950, EN60950, FCC-B, DOC-B, VCCI Class II, VDE-B
Operating Temp. 50°F to 104°F (10°C to 40°C)
Storage Temp. -67°F to 167°F (-55°C to 75°C)
Humidity Range 0% to 95%, non-condensing
Operating Altitude Up to 15,000 feet above sea level
Storage Altitude Up to 50,000 feet above sea level
Warranty Limited Lifetime US Warranty, Free Technical Support
Optional equipment/accessories
Pointing Devices 16 Button Cordless Cursor, 4 Button Cordless Cursor, 2 Side Button & Click Tip Cordless Stylus, 2 Side Button &
Pressure Tip Cordless Stylus, 16 Button Corded Cursor, 4 Button Corded Cursor, 2 Side Button & Click Tip
Corded Stylus
AutoCAD Template 12" x12" AutoCAD (DOS/Windows) Template
Drivers Sun Solaris® 1.x or 2.x drivers with 25 to 25 pin adapter
Microsoft Windows© NT driver

USA Office

Address: 1480 Gulf Road, Suite 837,
PO Box 1364
Point Roberts, WA 98281

Western Canada - Vancouver BC

Tel:1.800.663.6001 or 1.604.925.6150
Address: 2454 Haywood Ave
West Vancouver, BC V7V 1Y1

Eastern Canada - Markham, Ontario

Tel:1.800.465.0164 or 1.905.513.7027