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High Voltage Resistors

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Impulse Current Shunts 

Power Resistors

Spring Connectors

Interworld manufactures a complete line of custom engineered and designed High Voltage Non Inductive Impulse Resistors. In general our resistors are designed for applications where high voltage, low inductance and good heat dissipation is required.

Applications include:
- Lightning Research for the generation of lightning and switching - - waveforms,
- Insulator Testing,
- Transformer Testing,
- Front (series) resistors,
- tail (parallel) resistors,
- charging and earthing resistors,
- measuring resistors for resistive impulse voltage dividers.

Other uses include resistors for Impulse Current Shunts, Damped Capacitive Voltage Dividers as well as for recurrent surge generators etc. Interworld started manufacturing resistors in August 1979 and to date have outfitted some of the largest High Voltage Laboratories worldwide.

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  • - High Withstand voltage for lightning and switching impulse voltages up to 400kV

  • - low inductance (Inductive time constant L/R=5-250 nsec, depending on ohmic value; in most cases below 75nsec)-High thermal load capacity up to 60kJ

  • - low resistance variations through wide range of operating temperature long term resistance stability

  • - small resistance tolerances - standard 4%; on request 3%, 2% or 1%

  • - terminals according to customer requirements (mild steel, brass, copper - chromium, cadmium or silver electroplated )

  • - ohmic values: 12 ohms - 150 kilo ohms

  • - custom made with deliveries within weeks.


  • resistors are anti-inductively wire wound on insulation core of high thermal resistance.

  • resistance wire is enamel insulated, of nickel-Chromium 80.20% composition, with temperature coefficient of 100ppm/degree C.

  • Winding is initially vacuum sealed in resin. For lower impulse loads it is protected with fiberglass tape and heat shrink sleeve. In most cases it is cast in resin of high thermal conductivity and high operating temperature.

  • Shape, overall dimensions and terminals of resistors are according to customer specifications.

Spring Loaded Connectors

Interworld have designed a custom spring loaded terminal which allows for very fast replacement of our High Voltage Non Inductive resistors.
View images and more details here.

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Resistor Cover

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Ordering Information:

In order to design and quote your resistor, the following information is required:
- application of resistor (waveshaping, charging, measuring etc.)
- resistance value and desired tolerance
- operating voltage
- energy (impulse load) in kJ, impulse repetition rate and duty cycle
- operating medium (air, gas, oil)
- overall dimensions and limitations and details of terminals (Diagrams are required)

Upon receipt of the above information, a preliminary design of the resistor is prepared, which will be submitted for comments and final approval.

Image of Resistor Packaged for Shipment

Image of a couple of our most recent 100kV 5kJ Resistors


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The following companies have purchased our resistors and continue
to rely on Interworld for High Quality non inductive resistors:


B.C. Hydro - Powertech Laboratories Surrey BC Canada
Ontario Hydro   Canada
Hydro Quebec - IREQ   Canada
Haefely Trench   Canada
Asea Brown Boveri   USA
Asea Brown Boveri Brampton, ON Canada
Westinghouse   USA
Canadian Standards Association Ontario Canada
Messwandlerbau   Germany
General Electric   USA
General Electric - Peterborough Ontario Canada
Bonneville Power   USA
Olex Cables   Australia
Oak Ridge National Laboratory   USA
Tyree Westinghouse   Australia
Niagara Transformers Buffalo, NY USA
Gallagher Group Melville New Zealand
EGU Prague Czech Republic

...and many more.

Other products produced by Interworld Instruments include:

  • Current Shunts as well as the ability to Retrofit existing or outdated Dividers.

We are now able to provide High Voltage Non-inductive resistors for most Hipotronics Impulse Generators - Call   1-877-902-2979 
(Int'l Customers call   1-604-925-6150 or 1-425-223-4311)

USA Office

Address: 1480 Gulf Road, Suite 837,
PO Box 1364
Point Roberts, WA 98281

Western Canada - Vancouver BC

Tel:1.800.663.6001 or 1.604.925.6150
Address: 2454 Haywood Ave
West Vancouver, BC V7V 1Y1

Eastern Canada - Markham, Ontario

Tel:1.800.465.0164 or 1.905.513.7027