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Company Profile




ITWatchDogs manufactures environment monitoring systems enabling users to keep an eye on remote conditions from a secure web interface and receive SNMP, E-mail, or text message alerts when specified alarm thresholds are exceeded.  The interface displays live video feeds and environmental measurements including temperature, humidity, air flow, light, sound, power, water detection and much more.  The measurements are logged and graphed for viewing trends.  External processes or applications can be automated on trigger of an alarm or remotely through the web interface with units supporting output relay control.


ITWatchDogs was founded in Austin, Texas in 2001 with a mission of providing reliable and cost-effective environmental monitoring solutions.  In 2005, ITWatchDogs became a division within the Data Center Products group of companies held by Plastics Companies Enterprises, Inc.  Today, along with engineering the technology behind its web-enabled environment monitors, ITWatchDogs' talent is used to design web-enabled power distribution units at Geist Manufacturing and various remote monitoring technologies for specific applications brought to Geist Technology.

Quality Assured

ITWatchDogs is constantly striving to improve customer experience around the globe while delivering the latest features to keep ahead of the competition.  Every unit is examined for functionality and visual defects prior to packaging.  Our superior level of quality and reliability comes with every unit we manufacture. 

Firmware upgrades and technical support are made available to all users for life at no additional charge.  Technical support is provided by the same engineers who design our products.


ITWatchDogs is on its way to becoming the leading provider of environment monitors among data centers and all types of enterprises housing their own server rooms.  We are increasingly expanding focus beyond the computer room environments by fulfilling needs of monitoring refrigeration units/cold storages, research facilities, blood banks, pharmaceutical storages, power plants and other critical facilities.

Associated Companies 

Geist Technology


Geist Manufacturing


Geist Intelligent Facilities


Geist  Plastics


Apex Plastics


HTI Plastics


Geist Metal Works


Geist Contract Manufacturing


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USA Office

Address: 1480 Gulf Road, Suite 837,
PO Box 1364
Point Roberts, WA 98281

Western Canada - Vancouver BC

Tel:1.800.663.6001 or 1.604.925.6150
Address: 2454 Haywood Ave
West Vancouver, BC V7V 1Y1

Eastern Canada - Markham, Ontario

Tel:1.800.465.0164 or 1.905.513.7027