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   MSR Whitepaper

A well written publication dealing
with most aspects related to acceleration measurement
as it pertains to the
MSR Series of Acceleration
data loggers.

Well worth taking the
time to read this.


Celebrating 45 Years

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About Interworld Electronics

When thinking about today's industrial computing environment, the "basics" tend to be somewhat complicated. In fact, bringing them all together takes up more time and resources than you care to think about. Have Interworld Electronics assist you in making the correct choice the first time! Products we sell and support include: Digitizers, Data Acquisition, Hardware and Software,  Data Loggers, High Voltage Resistors, Capacitors and Current Shunts, Construction Estimating Software, Communication Boards, USB, PCIe, PCMCIA and Expresscard .

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3 Divisions to serve you - Instrumentation and Data Acquisition, High Voltage Products, Construction Software and Digitizers

NEW!! Pico Automotive Product for EV Diagnostics just announced.

PQ326 - Pico motor and milliohm tester

30 Minute tutorial video at this link below:

The MT03A Milliohm and Motor Tester is for automotive, off-highway and other maintenance technicians working on electrified motor systems that want to check motor winding resistance and earth continuity. It can also be used to measure the resistance of switches, relays, connectors, bus bars, and general wiring. A dedicated software application controls the tester and returns highly accurate milliohm values that can be automatically temperature-compensated. During motor testing, measurements are taken in rapid sequence to improve consistency and the software evaluates and indicates whether the test has passed or failed, if required 

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