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 SP-5 - 8260

remote temp sensor
SRT Temperature Sensor


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GT3HD - KitGT3HD Sensor

The T3HD is an enhanced version of the Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point Sensor (GTHD) with four 6P6C modular jacks (aka RJ12), one for output to host device, a supplementary input for daisy-chaining and two additional inputs strictly compatible with temperature sensors.  The unit comes kitted with 3 FT and 6FT temperature sensors and is especially ideal for monitoring top, middle and bottom of  a server rack.

Note, the entire kit counts as a single digital sensor to the host device. the GT3HD may be daisy chained from one rack to the next to achieve in-row temperature monitoring for top, middle and bottom of each rack (see img2) as per ASHRAE guidelines.  More...
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10ft - T3HD - 15190

50ft - T3HD - 15361

THD Sensor - Temp, Humidity and Dew PointThe Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point Sensor (GTHD) provides real-time measurements to the host device for data logging and alarming.  The sensor comes equipped with two 6P6C modular jacks (aka RJ12), one for output to the host device and one supplementary input for daisy-chaining an additional digital sensor.  A 6P6C modular patch cable for connection from sensor to host device is included (please select desired length from dropdown).  You may mount the sensor nearly anywhere using screws or adhesive. More.....

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Digital Sensors
Remote Sensors (Connects to RJ-11 Ports)
Combination temperature, humidity, and air flow in one sensor
Combo Temperature, Humidity, & Air Flow Sensor
$125 USD with 20' cable, $140 USD with 100' cable
Three separate sensors in one 4" tube. Up to 16 of these can be attached to any Goose monitor. Perfect for use with the MiniGoose. Use a splitter to expand the number of jacks. Ships with clamp-style mounting clip.


SRT - Stainless Remote Temperature Sensor
Up to 16 temperature probes can be placed in hot spots. Stick one in the cabinet inlet and one in the outlet to diagnose air-flow problems. Put one in the A/C vent to detect problems at the source. Accurate to /-0.5°C. Run them hundreds of feet from the  Watchdog 1000, Watchdog 1400, Watchdog 100, Watchdog 15 etc.


Converts an analog sensor into a digital sensor that can be connected to one of the digital-sensor bus ports. Useful for units that don't have built-in analog inputs (like the  WatchDog-15), or for adding additional analog sensors when all of your existing analog inputs are already used up with other sensors. 

Note: This device is only compatible with the "Watchdog 15 or 15-P and the Watchdog 100 or 100-P".

Download pdf Data Sheet ->

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Splitter Box for Remote Sensors

For multiple remote sensors this 5 port splitter(8260) makes the installation easy. Chain them together to connect up to 16 sensors. One RJ-11 plug, five receptacles, 5 foot cord. White.
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