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The Ultimate Electronic Test Pod - Logic Analyzer, Oscilloscope, Signal Generator and Protocol Analyzer



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  • USB 3.0 or WiFi Connectivity
  • Packet analyzer, logic analyzer, oscilloscope and signal generator all in one
  • 100MHz to 600MHz Sampling
  • Over 896 million samples uncompressed
  • Up to 256 trillion samples with compression
  • 24 digital channels/ 4 analog channels
  • Protocol Analyzer for SDIO, USB , I2C, SPI, Async, CAN, I2S, 1-wire, SM Bus, PS/2 and custom Busses
  • Small, compact and portable

Resolve Bugs Faster and Easier

The USBee QX Platform delivers the highest level of integration and functionality in the test instrument market. With 4 analog channels and 24 digital I/Os, the USBee QX combines four functions into one; protocol analyzer, logic analyzer, mixed signal oscilloscope and signal generator. Unlike other mixed signal oscilloscopes which charge extra for each serial protocol, the USBee QX includes numerous serial protocols including I2C, SPI, Async, SDIO, 1-wire, I2S, CAN and support even custom protocols.

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Mixed-Signal Multi-level Protocol Decoding

Unique to USBee products, protocols and packets are displayed in human readable packet format, having automatically been translated from HEX to your custom description. With an 896 million sample buffer size and Advanced Search properties, users can significantly reduce debug time by eliminating chunks of grunt work that would typically chew up man-days or man-weeks of effort, and yet improve bug detection capability. Its portability and low prices allow every engineer or firmware developer to have an USBee QX on their desk.

Unique USBee QX Features Benefits

Four test instruments integrated into one

Packet analyzer, logic analyzer, oscilloscope and signal generator
into a single test system

Eliminate wasted time trying to trigger multiple instruments together and
correlating an important event to each other

Single trace synchronized view

Packets, waveforms and physical layer voltage in a single window

Allows quick determination whether root cause is software, firmware or

Up to 32 days of data capture

896 million samples uncompressed or 256 trillion samples with

Capture all occurrences of symptoms instead of a single instance. Find
obscure bugs that occur rarely over days or weeks timeframe

Protocols in Human Readable Format

Instead of displaying packets as HEX values, the HEX values are
automatically converted so that you don’t need a datasheet to
interpret the function of the packet.

Faster root cause identification because users can easily follow the
sequence of events at the application level, instead of at the byte level

Most Advanced Search in the Market

Search criteria of 32 different sequential events within a qualified
time window using attributes such as protocol sequences, analog
signal edges, analog signal state and ranges, digital signal state
and ranges, digital signal edge and matching field values

Significantly faster debug by searching through 32 million sample points
with the most complex search criteria to find the most obscure
condition that results in bug or issue

Customizable from the wire to the protocol

Create your own protocol decoders or custom applications that
utilize lower level packet data

Supports serial or parallel proprietary protocols not available in standard
protocol analyzers, logic analyzers, and mixed signal oscilloscopes (MSO)

QX Detail

USBee QX Features

QX Table

The USBee QX Package

The USBee QX comes with the following items:

  • USBee QX Test Pod
  • 4 100MHz oscilloscope probes with x1 and x10 selection
  • Three 8 lead 9-inch logic analyzer/signal generator cable sets
  • 2 lead 9-inch ground cable set
  • 24 high performance micro grabber test clips
  • 6 foot USB 3.0 cable
  • 5V Power Adapter (for WiFi operation)
  • USBee QX Suite Software (downloaded)
  • USBee QX Suite Manuals (downloaded)


PC System Requirements

The USBee QX requires the following minimum PC features:

  • Pentium or higher processor
  • Windows® 8, 7, Vista, or XP operating system (32 or 64-bit)
  • Mac OS X (using VFusion or Parallels)
  • One USB 3.0 Super Speed Port or USB2.0 High Speed enabled port. It will not run on USB 1.1 Full Speed ports.
  • 1GBytes of RAM
  • 125MBytes of Hard disk space
  • Internet Access (for software updates and technical support)


USA Office

Address: 1480 Gulf Road, Suite 837,
PO Box 1364
Point Roberts, WA 98281

Western Canada - Vancouver BC

Tel:1.800.663.6001 or 1.604.925.6150
Address: 2454 Haywood Ave
West Vancouver, BC V7V 1Y1

Eastern Canada - Markham, Ontario

Tel:1.800.465.0164 or 1.905.513.7027