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Digicad Vision Series


DigiCad Vision

The Most Beautiful Path for a Vision from the Mind to Reality

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Cursor F Awarded the "iF Design Award 1996", the Digicad Vision series was designed to be used with graphic arts applications as well as CAD applications.

In graphic arts applications, Digicad Vision combines the natural way of drawing using a pen with the flexibility of a computer. The cordless stylus and thin (3mm), non-skid tablet surface give you the feeling of drawing with pen and paper--in connection with the creating, editing, modifying and storing capabilities of a computer system.

CAD users will appreciate the thin tablet profile also. That and the relaxed handling provided by the cordless 5-button cursor makes the Digicad Vision comfortable whether used with menus or as a digitizing system.

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  Active Area Footprint Height of
Tablet Surface
0609 6" x 9" (A5)
(152 x 228mm)
10.2" x 12.1"
(260 x 308mm)
1212 12" x 12" (A4)
(304 x 304mm)
16.3" x 15.2"
(413 x 385mm)
1218 12" x 18" (A3)
(304 x 457mm)
16.3" x 21.1"
(413 x 537mm)


Optional Equipment/Accessories
Pointing Devices 5-Button Ergonomic Cursor with Large Crosshair,
Cordless Ergonomic Stylus with 2 Side Buttons and Pressure-Sensitive Tip
Software/Drivers Compatibility with DOS, Windows and Macintosh systems. Drivers for Windows 3.x, 95, NT, AutoCAD 11 to 13, and others on request.
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Address: 1480 Gulf Road, Suite 837,
PO Box 1364
Point Roberts, WA 98281

Western Canada - Vancouver BC

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West Vancouver, BC V7V 1Y1

Eastern Canada - Markham, Ontario

Tel:1.800.465.0164 or 1.905.513.7027