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  • Pico releases new large memory MSO (Mixed Signal Oscilloscope) 2013
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Pico Automotive Scope software now sports a new Waveform Library browser.
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The cost-effective tool for real-time
NVH diagnosis

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  • Includes accelerometer and microphone
  • Full screen, high–resolution results are presented clearly and accurately
  • No external memory required– saves directly to laptop or PC
  • Record up to 500 seconds of data
  • Automatic analysis
  • Detects multiple vehicle vibrations
  • Customer report function
  • Plugs into your automotive PicoScope® 
    (sold separately)


The PicoDiagnostics NVH Kit from Pico Technology is the cost–effective answer to the many NVH problems facing technicians today. Providing real-time diagnosis to the technician in the form of either: a bar graph, a frequency chart, a 3D frequency chart, RPM order or road speed view. The ability to start the recording before a road test, and play back the recording for analysis on your return, ensures that driver attention remains on the road. Saving the recordings couldn’t be simpler: much like our other automotive software you simply save the file to your laptop’s hard drive.

The PicoDiagnostics NVH kit makes use of the PicoScope 4000 Series Automotive oscilloscope, and comes complete with everything you need. You can be sure that your investment in the PicoDiagnostics NVH kit will benefit your business without the need for further spending. If you already have a PicoScope 4000 Series Automotive oscilloscope, you’re halfway there.


Click here to view a case study where the NVH Kit has been used on a VW Rabbit (Golf)




Weight (Interface / Vibration Sensor / Microphone) 120 g / 80 g / 20 g
Sensor Interface (inc. BNCs)
Magnet (inc. fitted grub screw)

105 mm x 65 mm x 27 mm 
43 mm x ø17 mm
12 mm x ø18 mm
Sensor extension lead length 3 m
Battery (Lithium Primary Cell) CR123(A) 3 V (user replaceable)
Battery life (Shelf / Vibration mode / Microphone mode) 10 years / 6 months / 2 months
Maximum measurable acceleration ±5 g
Vibration frequency range (3 dB) DC to 350 Hz
Shock survivability (accelerometer head) 10,000 g
Temperature range (operating) 
accelerometer head

–40 °C to 85 °C
Thread mounting (accelerometer) ¼” x 28 UNF
Microphone sensitivity 45 mV/Pa, nominal, at 1 kHz
EMC approvals CE: Meets EN61326-1:2006

What’s in the pack?

A BNC cable connects the interface box to an Automotive PicoScope*. A USB cable connects your PicoScope to PC or laptop to run the PicoDiagnostics software.

Your PicoDiagnostics NVH Kit contains the following items:

  • TA148 Single output NVH interface unit
  • TA096 Mounting magnet for accelerometer
  • PA047 Carry Case for NVH kit
  • TA098 Cable: insulated BNC to insulated BNC 5m
  • TA143 MEMS Accelerometer
  • TA144 Microphone for NVH Kit
  • TA145 Sensor extension cable for NVH interface unit

*sold separately

Brochures & Manuals

Listed here are the brochures, data sheets and manuals for the PicoDiagnostics® NVH Kit.

You will need a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader to view the PDF files.

Resource Version Size Last updated
PicoDiagnostics NVH Kit Data Sheet 1 833 kB 11 July, 2013
NVH Interface Quick Start Guide 3 600 kB 22 April, 2014


Click here to view a case study where the NVH Kit has been used on a VW Rabbit (Golf)

Here is a great article published in the Ratchet & Wrench May 2016 Publication

Detailed Brochure for NVH Kits - 2018 Edition

Buy the NVH Kit (PP858) Online:

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