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CAN Test Box

can test box


Continuing with our mission to make vehicle diagnostics easier and faster…the new CAN Test Box gives you easy access to the 16 pins of the diagnostic connector that is fitted to all modern vehicles. Depending on the configuration of the vehicle, this may allow you to check power, ground and CAN Bus signal quality. With the test leads supplied you can connect your PicoScope lab scope to the CAN Test Box to monitor signals such as the CAN High and Low. More.....

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New Pico Automotive Kits

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The new scopes come in 2-channel (4225A) and 4-channel (4425A) models, there is also a new range of automotive kits built around the new PicoScope models.

The new PicoScopes offer:

  • Pico BNC - Exciting New BNC Standard that eliminates the need for probe Calibration
  • sampling rates up to 400 Mega Samples/s
  • 250 Mega Sample memory 
  • ±200V input voltage range 
  • USB 3 for even faster download speeds, and

    Some other exciting new features:
  • independent floating inputs rather than the common ground system on the previous 4423
  • ConnectDetect™ which indicates a a good  connection when probing connectors.

Kits now available are as follows:

PQ173 - 4225A 2 Channel Scope with USB Cable and PicoScope Automotive Software
(No accessories - Scope only - (Replaces PP502 & PP918) 
PQ174 - 4425A 4 Channel Scope with USB Cable and PicoScope Automotive Software
(No accessories - Scope only - (Replaces PP503 & PP919)
PQ175 - 4225A 2 Channel Starter Kit (Replaces PP900 & PP920)
PQ176 - 4425A 4 Channel Starter Kit (Replaces PP901 & PP921)
PQ177 - 4225A 2 Channel Standard Automotive Kit (Replaces PP902 & PP922)
PQ178 - 4425A 4 Channel Standard Automotive Kit (Replaces PP903 & PP923)
PQ179 - 4425A 4 Channel Diesel Automotive Diagnostic Kit (Replaces PP905 & PP924)
PQ180 - 4425A 4 Channel Advanced Automotive Diagnostic Kit (Replaces PP904 & PP925)
PQ194 - 4425A 4 Channel Master Automotive Diagnostic Kit (Replaces PQ039)
PQ222 - 4425A 4 Channel Vehicle Assesors Automotive Diagnostic  Kit - **** NEW KIT TYPE***
PQ196 - 4425A 4 Channel EV Automotive Diagnostic  Kit **** NEW KIT TYPE***

There are also some new accessories to accompany the new scopes ­ notably a new high-speed 10:1 attenuator, and a completely redesigned COP probe that is also useful in picking up other signals around the vehicle and incorporates a flexible neck to improve access & Pico BNC Connectivity.

We intend to support the legacy 4425 & 4225 products with availability of spares and repair until at least January 1st 2022. Software updates will continue to be issued free of charge, and will include support for the existing 4223/4423 & 4225 & 4425 product wherever practical, note that new features (such as ConnectDetect™), which are not  supported in the previous hardware cannot be retrospectively introduced for the older devices. Current Products all use either the 4225A or 4425A Series of Oscilloscopes.


PDF Available Feature Matrix for kits around old 4225 and 4425 Models

 Data Sheet Showing  Kit Details for old series 4225 and 4425 Models

 Feature Matrix showing the old 4223 and 4423 Models (Now replaced by the 4225 and 4425 Scopes)

--> Which kit is right for me? - All current 2021 Kits accessible from this link!

  • 4225 Starter kit comes with box (No Case)
  • 4225 Standard 2 channel kit in case
  • 4425 standard 4 channel kit with case
  • 4425 Advanced 4 Channel kit with case
  • 4425 Diesel 4 Channel kit with case
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