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Aurora Probability in Northern Canada

Auroral forecast from AuroraWatch.ca


North America Aurora Map from
NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center

Aurora Map - NOAA




Vertigraph Demo Registration

Software to takeoff into Excel from Paper (Digitizer Based) or from
Electronic files (PDF, DWG, BMP, JPG) using BidScreen on-screen takeoff


If you are interested in downloading demonstrations or evaluations of Vertigraph products, we ask for the following information so we can follow up and ensure that your experience was satisfactory. This information is used only for follow up purposes and to send notices about Vertigraph products. We do not sell, rent or share this information. We do not enhance (link to other databases) this information.

In the event you wish to update or delete address information in our possession at any time for any reason, please contact sales at Interworld to make those changes.

Please fill out the following form to access the Vertigraph Demo Download page. Fields that are starred(*) must be filled out in order to continue.
  1. Please provide the following contact information:
    Street address*
    Address (cont.)
    Zip/Postal code*
    Work Phone*

    In order to help us better understand the needs of our customers, we would also like you to take a moment to answer the following questions.

    What kind of business does your company specialize in?

    How many employees are in your firm?

    *What operating system do you use?

    *Do you currently own a Vertigraph product?

        If Yes, which products?

    *Have you been in contact with a Vertigraph Dealer?

        If Yes, Who?

    *How are you currently doing your Cut & Fill Takeoffs (Type "none" if you are not using a computer for Cut & Fill takeoffs yet.)

    (Please Specify)

    *How are you currently doing your quantity takeoff? (Type "none" if you are not using a digitizer, or "manual" if you are using a manual Planimeter.)

    (Please Specify)

    *How did you learn of this site?

    When do you plan to purchase new software?

    In addition to gaining access to the demo download page, I would also like you to

    send service literature
    send company literature
    have a salesperson contact me


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Address: 1480 Gulf Road, Suite 837,
PO Box 1364
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