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Aurora Probability in Northern Canada

Auroral forecast from AuroraWatch.ca


North America Aurora Map from
NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center

Aurora Map - NOAA



A/D and Digital IO Cards

Model  Description  Price/Buy 
Digital I/O Cards     
PCL-720  32 Digital I/O and 3 Intel 8254 Counter/Timers (20-pin)   
PCL-722  144-bit Programmable Digital I/O Card with Interrupt (50-pin)  
PCL-724 24-Channel Programmable Digital I/O Card with Interrupt (50 20 pin)   
PCL-725  8 Relay Outputs (4 each, A=SPST, C=SPDT) 8 Isolated D/I (DB-37)   
PCL-730  32-Channel Isolated 32 Channel TTL Digital I/O Card (DB-37 20 pin)   
PCL-731  8-bit Digital I/O Card   
PCL-830  10-Channel Timer/Counter Card (OBSOLETE)   
PCL-833  3-Axis Quadrature Encoder and Counter Card   
PCL-836  6 Channel Counter Timer Card  
PCI-1730   32 Channel Isolated Digital I/O Card  
PCI-1735  64 Channel Digital I/O With Counter (ISA PCL-720 Compatible)   
PCLD-8710  Screw Terminal with CJC   
A/D and Multifunction DAS Cards     
PCI-1710   Multifunction 12 Bit DAS Card 100ks/s   
PCI-1711  100 ks/s 12bit 16 ch S.E. Multi-Function Card  
PCI-1712  1 MS/s, 12-bit High-Speed Multifunction Card   
PCI-1716  Multifunction A/D and DIO card  
USB Data Acquisition    
USB-4716 200 kS/s, 16-bit Multifunction USB Module  
USB-4671 USB GPIB Module  
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