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USBee ZX Digital Test Pod

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Detailed Description

The USBee ZX Digital Test Pod combines state of the art design with easy to use PC software to give you a complete digital test bench in a small and affordable package. Connecting to your PC, the USBee ZX Digital Test Pod uses the power and speed of the USB 2.0 High-Speed bus to capture and control information from your own hardware designs.

The USBee ZX is a complete digital test bench in one compact and easy to use pod. Combined with the free, yet powerful, Windows® 2000 and XP software the USBee ZX is a deep buffer depth Logic Analyzer and Signal Generator. You can also build your own tools using the USBee ZX Tool Builder software and Visual Basic or Visual C .

Also on the USBee ZX is a Frequency Counter, Asynchronous Serial Controller and Monitor, I2C Bus Controller, Frequency Generator, Pulse Counter and I2C bus Analyzer (included in the Logic Analyzer module).

USBee ZX takes advantage of already existing PC resources. The USBee ZX pod streams data over the High-Speed USB bus only to and from the PC, allowing the PC to perform all of the triggering and data storing. This makes possible an affordable USBee ZX, while pushing the sample storage capabilities orders of magnitudes beyond that of traditional dedicated logic analyzers or signal generators. The USBee ZX Digital Test Pod can utilize available PC memory as the sample buffer, allowing selectable sample depths from one to many hundreds of millions of samples.





USBee Suite

Powerful signal analyzer software including serial bus decoders and automatic measurements.

ZX Logic Analyser

ZX Logic Analyzer

Capture millions of digital samples of the 8 signals at up to 24Msps (*) and display them on your PC.

Signal Generator

ZX Signal Generator

Draw  millions of digital samples per waveform and generate them at up to 24Msps. (*)

Toolbuilder Source Code

USBee ZX Toolbuilder Sourcecode

Write your own Visual Basic or C tools that control the USBee ZX.  Includes full Logic Analyzer and Signal Generator functionality.

Remote Controller

ZX Remote Controller

Toggle the state of a USBee ZX digital signal with the push of a button

USBee Data Logger

ZX Data Logger

Log the state of the USBee ZX signals over time at 1/4s  to 300s per sample

I2C Bus Controller

ZX I2C bus Controller

Create I2C scripts including detailed start, stop and ack positioning.  Save trace data to a file for further processing.

USbee Frequency Counter

ZX Frequency Counter

Measure the frequency of a USBee signal (0 to 12MHz)

PWM Controller

ZX PWM Controller

Control 8 independent PWM signals using scroll bars

frequency generator

ZX Frequency Generator

Generate a number of standard frequencies using the 8 signal lines.

pulse counter

ZX Pulse Counter

Count edges of digital pulses that occur on each of the 8 signal inputs



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