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ClosetAir - Room Air Controller

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On-board Sensors Temperature
Features Fan Speed Regulation
Firmware SNMP (v1, v2c, v3), Email & SMS alerts, Alarm Escalations, Alarm delay, Logging & Graphing, XML & CSV Logs, 3 Access Account Levels, Encryption via TLS/SSL
Ports Digital: 4

Why let bad airflow overwork your air-conditioning and kill energy efficiency?  The Room Air Controller (ClosetAir) evacuates hot air from within your server rack or an entire IT environment with dual temperature-regulated fans.  The ClosetAir can be configured to mount on a wall, door, celing or above the server rack.  Optional ducting kit available. 

Add up to 16 additional climate and power sensors for a comprehensive solution to maximizing effiency and preventing climate and power related downtime.  Receive alerts via Email, Email-to-SMS and/or SNMP traps when user-adjustable thresholds are breached.  

Mounting & Installation
The equipment relies on the building installation for over current protection. A listed 15 or 20 Amps circuit breaker is required in the building installation. A reliable earth-ground is maintained with a grounded pin plug. Optional SC System for room air supply required for some room and load conditions. Install the ClosetAir so the input plug may be disconnected for service. When mounting to a wall, the ClosetAir fits between 16” center studs.  When attaching the unit to wood, use 2” #10 wood screws and mount as close to the ceiling as possible.  There must be a power outlet close to the ClosetAir. When mounting into a drop ceiling, use 18 gauge hanger wire to support the unit. Use the Four eyelets on the backside of the ClosetAir to attach the hanger wires. The power outlet should be out of the ceiling plenum.

SNMP, Email & SMS Alerts
The ClosetAir can trigger multiple/escalating alarms if temperature falls outside of specified parameters via SNMP (v1, v2c, v3), email and SMS messages (e-mail to SMS gateway).

View Charts and Graphs on the Web
The ClosetAir serves active Web pages displaying real time readings and graphs of temperature data logs in standard format (downloadable as XML or CSV file). Graphing scales are fully adjustable.

No Software Required
The ClosetAir requires no software other than a standard web browser.  An Ethernet Network connection with a standard RJ45 connector is used to send data in standard TCP/IP packets.  A simple, easily configured menu is proved via a web browser.  The connection is password protected with 3 access account levels: Administrator, Control, and View Only. Securely access the monitor over the internet or through an intranet by entering its IP address.

Contact Customer Service for any service issue at: 1-877-902-2979

Input:120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 10FT Cord, NEMA 5-15P
Fan Speed Regulation: Automatic temperature control with Ethernet remote adjustment
Airflow: 1100 CFM Maximum
Environmental Monitoring: Ethernet remote access and alarms, up to four RJ12 Temperature sensors with 20 FT cords (two included)
Regulation: Temperature based, range: 60 to 120F
Physical: 23.75 L x 14.00 W x 3.52 H
Fan Enclosure Dimensions: 14 ¼” x 21 ¼”
Regulatory: UL, cUL 507, FCC Part 15 Class A
Warranty: 2 years

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