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GW2 SensorOne gateway is needed for each wireless network, and serves as a gateway between a PC or LAN and all wireless devices on the network. Gateways also include onboard memory for permanatently storing things like logged data from sensors. The GW3 gateway provides additional data storage capacity over the GW2 version, and allows more than 10 devices to connect at once.

GW2 Wireless Gateway

The GW2 Wireless Gateway is our base level gateway. Acting as the brain of your automation system, the gateway transmits orders and receives information from each of the other devices. It features 4GB of on-board memory for data storage and it provides interconnectivity for up to 10 of your Halo/S™ devices at once. More...

GW3 Wireless Gateway

The GW3 Wireless Gateway expands the onboard memory to 32GB for storage of 120 billion data points. It also allows unlimited numbers of devices to connect at once, making it the best choice for most installations. More...

GW4 Wireless Gateway

The GW4 Wireless Gateway is our advanced GW3 gateway with an external antenna providing additional range and signal stability. It features 32GB of on-board memory for data storage and it provides interconnectivity for an unlimited number of Halo/S™ devices at once. More...

GW10 Wireless SuperGateway

The GW10 is our lowest cost super-gateway, with a full ARM-based Linux platform for powerful scripting capabilities. Our GW10 is popular with system integrators and analytics companies to communicate with BACnet, Modbus, or any other custom network-based protocols. More...

GW11 Wireless SuperGateway

The GW11 Wireless Gateway adds Wifi capability to our GW10 gateway, allowing for both hotspot and enpoint nodes to allow any imaginable connection architecture to Wifi equipment. More...

GW12 Wireless Gateway with 3G/4G Capability

The GW12 Wireless Gateway adds a built-in 3G/4G modem and cellular capability to our base Model GW10 Super-Gateway. It is compatible with any carrier using a SIM based system. With Cellular based connections, the Model GW12 is designed for remote locations and applications where there is no existing network infrastructure. The GW12 will be available in Jan 2016. More...








SC11Our wireless sensor devices start at $69 MSRP, and include 12 different models. With built in measurement options for temperature, humidity, ambient light, motion, as well as several devices which accept third-party sensors, our built-in sensor product lineup can offer out-of-the-box measurement for many situations. The SC14 and SC18 models accept external input from compatable third-party sensors, ranging from air pressure, flow, voltage, current, and pulsecount sensors.


Ambient Temperature

SC11 Temperature Sensor

The SC11 Temperature Sensor is our most popular temperature sensor. It has the longest wireless range of all the temperature sensors, and has fully upgradeable firmware. More...

SC1 Temperature Sensor

The SC1 Temperature Sensor is our base level temperature sensor. Even though it has a slightly shorter range than the SC11 and its firmware cannot be upgraded, the SC1 has the same sensor accuracy as the SC11. More...


Ambient Temperature & Humidity

SC12SC12 Humidity Sensor

The SC12 Humidity Sensor is our indoor humidity sensor. The SC12 has sensor accuracy of of -3% humidity, and also includes a temperature sensor as well. More...

SC22 Humidity Sensor

The SC22 Humidity Sensor is our outdoor version of the SC12. The SC22 has the same humidity and temperature accuracy as the SC12, but has additional sealing to enable outdoor use in a covered environment. More...



In-Situ Temperature

sc31. sc32, sc33

SC31 Thermistor Sensor

The SC31 Thermistor Sensor  accepts an external 10k thermistor transducer and is accurate to - 0.1

°C. More...

SC32 Thermocouple Sensor

The SC32 Thermocouple Sensor accepts two external thermocouples (J, K, T, S) and is accurate to - 0.1°C. More... 

SC33 RTD Sensor 

The SC33 RTD Sensor  accepts 2 channels of 2, 3, or 4 wire 100 Ohm RTD transducers and is accurate to - 0.1°C. More...

Ambient Pressure & Temperaturesc71

SC71 Ambient Pressure Sensor

The SC71 Ambient Pressure Sensor measures ambient air pressure. The SC71 has an accuracy of -0.01mb and can be used to monitor even small pressure changes in ductwork and atmospheric storms. More...



Light and Proximity

SC13SC13 Light Sensor

The SC13 Light Sensor is our base level light sensor. The SC13 has an accuracy of -10% lux and is perfect for indoor lighting studies and solar energy measurements for solar generation. More...

SC23 Light Sensor

The SC23 Light Sensor is our outdoor version of the SC13. The SC23 has the same accuracy as the SC13, but has additional sealing to enable outdoor use. More...



External Terminal


SC14 External Terminal Sensor

The SC14 External Terminal Sensor accepts inputs from external sensors via a 5 position terminal block. Inputs such as 0-3.3V and pulsecount can be easily set up using the DataRecorder software widget. More...





External Jack


SC18 External Jack Sensor

The SC18 External Jack Sensor is our most popular external sensor device, and accepts up to 4 external sensors from many third-party providers such as Onset Computer Corporation (HOBO), including current measurement (CT), air pressure and flow, temperature, 4-20mA, and many more. More...

SC8 External Jack Sensor

The SC8 External Jack Sensor is our base level external sensor device. It includes the same functionality of the SC18 except with a reduced wireless range and non-upgradeable firmware. More...





SC50 Motion Sensor

The SC50 Motion Sensor is our most popular motion sensor, and can be used to monitor occupancy and motion. The SC50 is for indoor use only. More...

SC60 Motion Sensor

The SC60 Motion Sensor is our outdoor version of the SC50 motion sensor, and is typically used for outdoor motion monitoring. More...


Differential Pressure

sc76, sc77

SC76 Differential Pressure Sensor

The SC76 Differential Pressure Sensor measures the pressure difference between two spaces, commonly used to confirm positive pressures in clean rooms or other bulding areas. More...

SC77 Low Range Differential Pressure Sensor **NEW**

The SC77 Differential Pressure Sensor can monitor a number of critical room pressure environment applications including research and storage areas as well as hospital laboratories, operating, isolation and clean rooms. More...


Carbon Dioxide - Air Qualitysc75

SC75 Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sensor

The SC75 Wireless CO2 Sensor measure carbon dioxide levels, which is used to establish indoor air quality (IAQ). It operates both with and without an AC wall adapter, allowing for flexible placement. More...



SC34 Small-voltage Sensor

The SC34 Small-voltage Sensor has a resolution of 0.03mV, making it ideal for monitoring small signals such as strain gage bridges, specialty thermistors, and other precision sensors. More...

SC70 Accelerometer Sensor

The SC70 Accelerometer Sensor measures acceleration and vibration up to 8g, and is useful for monitoring rotating equipment vibration or tracking motion of products. More...

SC72 Magnetometer Sensor 

The SC72 Magnetometer Sensor measures magnetic field strength, and can be used to track runtime of motors, log compass orientation, or used in combination with a magnet to monitor door positions. More...





The OE20 module provides base-level Halo/S functionality at the best price point for extremely cost-sensitive markets. The module allows OEMs and developers to add a complete wireless automation platform to any custom sensors, transducers, or controls. Starting at $18 in volum the OE20 module provides unmatched value for third-party manufacturers and integrators. More...

oem image paragon robotics


The OE21, in addition to all the benefits of the OE20 module, provides 20dBm of transmit power (vs 13dBm for OE20), as well as double the flash size for larger bytecode apps and upgradable firmware. More...


The OE22 module adds contains a complete storage and networking stack for use as gateway, storage, or server devices. With full HTTP, DNS, and DHCP servers included, the OE22 can be used to create fully functional server devices and gateways. More...

Evaluation Kit

Our evaluation kit includes a GW2 gateway and one wireless sensor, allowing customers to quickly evaluate the capabilities of our wireless data acquisition line. All the necessary browser-based software is freely usable right on our paragonrobotics.com website. Our HaloCloud service is also free for small device networks, which allows customers to remotely connect with Halo/S networks anywhere in the world. More...

Evaluation kits feature a 14 day return policy. No questions asked.



External Sensors


AC Current Sensors

Our line of external current sensors work in conjunction with the SC8/18 devices to wirelessly monitor AC current loads up to 200A (600V max).

Temperature Probes

Temperature probes are used with our SC31 (Thermistors), SC32 (Thermocouples), SC33 (RTDs) and SC18 (Temperature/ Humidity VDC output transmitter probes) models to provide precision temperature measurements in a wide variety of environments. Specialty flanged duct thermistor, surface temperature RTD, Freezer RTD w/Glycol bottles and Incubator/ HVAC temperature and humidity probes are available. Our wireless transmitters are compatible with any off the shelf Thermistor, RTD, or Thermocouple. Additional temperature system configuration options is available on Temperature Monitoring Systems.

Pressure Sensors  

Broad range of external pressure sensors and ranges available to work with the SC18 or SC34 wireless transmitter wireless transmitters to wirelessly communicate pressure measurements throughout a facility. Options include battery operated and low power pressure transducers that do not require an additional power supply. Measurement ranges include 0-100 psi, 0-200 psi and 0-500 psi. Our wireless transmitters are compatible with any pressure sensor on the market with a mV, VDC or mA output.

Input Cables

Connecting cables and accessories for integrating existing instrumentation and measurement devices with voltage or current outputs with the Model SC18 wireless transmitter. Cables for voltages up to 10VDC and typical current output signal of 4-20mA. Our custom cables allows expansion of the Paragon data logging system to monitor any parameter within a facility or process.

True Power

True power WattNode sensors can measure true power using both voltage and current readings. Revenue grade ( -0.5%) models are also available for high precision applications. Wattnode true power sensors are connected directly to the SC14 wireless transmitter.


Moisture and Leak Detection Sensors

Decagon moisture sensors can be used to measure moisture levels in media ranging from soils to Masonite.The moisture sensors are connected to the SC18 wireless transmitter in our wireless logging and monitoring systems. Our wireless transmitters are compatible with any moisture sensor on the market with a mV, VDC or mA output.
The WSS1 water/ leak detector can be placed in areas to monitor for water from leaks and/or floods. With the Model WSS1 connected to the Model SC18 wireless transmitter, receive immediate notification via software, email and/or text message of a leak detection alarm. The model SC18 can connect up to four (4) WSS1 leak detectors or combination of our compatible external sensors.

Water & Gas Flowmeters

Remote readable 3/4" Stainless Steel Pulse Output Water Meters are a great solution for remotely, or locally, monitoring water consumption. Industrial grade, stainless steel (201 grade) water meter with pulse output that wires directly to our SC14 wireless pulse counter transmitter to integrate into any monitoring, logging, or control system. This meter produces a pulse for every 1/10 cubic foot (approx 0.75 gallon, or 2.83 liters) that flows by the meter. The pulses are counted and wirelessly transmitted by the Model SC14.

Carbon Dioxide Probes

CO2 probe transmitters for indoor air quality and energy efficiency applications. The duct mount CO2 transmitters with junction box and attached probe offer accuracy and fast/ simple connection to our SC18 wireless transmitter in our wireless logging and monitoring systems. CO2 measurement range of 0-2000 PPM at an accuracy of -3% of reading. Our wireless transmitters are compatible with any Carbon Dioxide probe on the market with a mV, VDC or mA output.

Position Sensors

Position sensors such as our magnetic door position switches can be used to log or monitor equipment status. Position sensors are connected to the SC14 wireless transmitter in our wireless logging and monitoring systems.












 SC100 Wireless Control Relay Switch  

The SC100 relay control device allows alarms or other triggers to remotely turn the relay on or off. Up to 10A and 240V can be switched using the SC100. More...   

SC101 Relay Control with Current Sensor 

The SC101 relay control  adds a built-in current sensor to the SC100 relay, allowing both control of a load as well as power monitoring. More...

SC110 Relay Control

The SC110 relay control provides a strandard male and female NEMA-3 plug, to provide switching control of typical plug devices such as heaters and lights. Up to 10A and 240V can be switched using the SC110. More...

SC111 Relay Control with Current Sensor

The SC111 relay control adds a built-in current sensor to the SC110 relay, allowing both control of a plug load as well as power monitoring. More...


Multipoint PLC Controls

RP1 Controller

The RP1 controller provides 4x 240V relays, 3x flexible inputs (0-10V), and 1x 4-20mA input channel. A LCD screen and simple button layout on the front panel provide local access, while its powerful wireless capabilities allow unlimited wireless connectivity and HMI possibilities.

RP2 Controller

The RP2 controller provides 4x 240V relays, 3x flexible inputs (0-10V), 1x 4-20mA input channel, 5x flexible outputs (0-10V), 1x 4-20mA output, and 4x 120V AC detectors. A LCD screen and simple button layout on the front panel provide local access, while its powerful wireless capabilities allow unlimited wireless connectivity and HMI possibilities.
Multipoint PLC Controls.


Wireless Thermostats

 Intelligent Thermostats

Wireless Intelligent Thermostat TS1 Intelligent Thermostat

The TS1 intelligent thermostat provides wireless control of up to 4 relays, capable of handling basic HVAC control. With full remote control via a PC or mobile device, the TS1 can be programmed for any environment.

TS2 Intelligent Thermostat

The TS2 provides up to 7 relays of control for commercial and higher end HVAC systems, as well as providing the capability of being powered through the HVAC wiring.
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