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Wireless Gauge Pressure Sensors

PRS-100SS, PRS200SS and PRS500SS Gauge Pressure Sensors

Gauge pressure transducers with all stainless steel construction and available measurement ranges of 0 to 100 psi (PRS-100SS), 0 to 200 psi (PRS-200SS) and 0 to 500 psi (PRS-500SS). Connection to air/gas line by 1/4" male fitting. Expected accuracy is - 0.25% full scale. Transducer is used in conjunction with the SC34 wireless transmitter. With the SC34 providing excitation voltage, the PRS-100SS does not require any additional power supplies for operation. More...
Wireless Gauge pressure sensor PRS-100SS

PRS-200B Battery Operated Pressure Sensor

Battery operated gauge pressure sensor for wireless monitoring pressure in compressed air systems or other compatible gases and fluid applications. The unit is powered by standard 9VDC battery and offers a range of 0 to 200 psi. Connection to air/gas line by 1/4" male fitting. Expected accuracy is - 1 psi @ 50 psi. It is used in conjunction with the SC18 wireless transmitter to integrate into any logging, monitoring, or control system. More...
PRS-200B battery operated pressure sensor
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