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Configuration and Data Recording Software

Local or cloud based software capability 

Chart, log, monitor and set up all individual sensor measurements

Programmable sensor alarm set points and notifications



Gain remote access to your Halo/S systems from anywhere in the world with our HaloCloud service. Multiple sites can be seamlessly viewed and controlled from a single interface.

Popular Apps



DataRecorder lets you view and manage all your connected sensors and controls. You can calibrate, log, chart, and manage everything right from a single interface.



This software steps you through the initial system setup for your Halo/S hardware and software. In addition to system setup such as security and HaloCloud access, all hardware is configured using the widget as well. Multiple computers or other browser-based devices can be used to access the same Halo/S network, however each PC/mobile device will need to be set up separately.



DataAnalyzer is used to chart data from all your connected sensors and controls. Powerful analysis tools are also built-in, allowing you to post-process data to analyze it further. Data can optionally be exported to a CSV file to import into a spreadsheet.


Use our SystemSimulator software to model any building and analyze the heating and cooling costs for any climate. SystemSimulator can be used to accurately simulate the effects of both building envelope and thermostat control algorithms.


If you work with PCB manufacturing files, try our online GerberViewer. The software displays Gerber(RS-274X), Excellon(v1 and v2) and zip archives right in your browser.


SoftwareManager allows you to manage the apps installed on your Halo/S products. Powerful translation software, including BACnet/IP servers and Modbus/TCP servers can be installed on your SuperGateways. Many other specialized apps such as timers and control apps can also be installed on your Halo/S network using SoftwareManager. Our most popular apps are:


A Modbus/TCP server which translates between wireless Halo/S harware and a Modbus/TCP network. This allows any user to utilize our wireless sensors and controls and seamlessly integrate them into an existing Modbus/TCP system


A BACnet/IP server which translates between wireless Halo/S hardware and BACnet/IP network. BACnet is a commonly used protocol for building HVAC and lighting systems.
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