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The USBee ZX Digital Test Pod is customizable using the USBee ZX Toolbuilder software source code libraries.  You can write your own Visual Basic or Visual C code to control the USBee ZX Pod to create your own control systems.  For complete details on the Toolbuilder, please read the Users Manual here.  

USBee ZX Tool Builder Users Manual version 1.0.
(117K .pdf file)

Complete documentation for the USBee ZX Toolbuilder Source Code. Using the USBee Toolbuilder software source code, you can build your own USBee Digital Test Tools using our USBee Tool Builder library and Visual Basic or Visual C. Also combine multiple pods to build a single tool with up to 512 signals.

The USBee ZX Digital Test Pod is ideal for students or designer's that need to get up and running with High Speed USB immediately.  With a mini-B USB connector on one end and signal pin headers on the other, this simple pod will instantly USB 2.0 High-Speed enable your design.  Then using the source code libraries, drivers and DLL's that are included here you can write your own Visual Basic or C PC application to control and monitor the signal pins on the pod. 

The USBee ZX has headers that are the interface to your circuits.  The signals on these headers represent an 8 bit data bus, a Read/Write#/TRG signal and a clock line.  Using the libraries and source code provided you can do byte-wide reads and writes to these signals.  The USBee ZX  acts as the master, driving the Read/Write#/TRG signals and Clock lines to your circuit.

There are four modes of data transfers that you can use depending on your system needs.  You can use the Logic Analyzer or Signal Generator capabilities of the pod, or one of two "bit-bang" modes.  The first offers complete flexibility of the 8 signal lines, while the other gives you very high transfer rates.

In the first mode, Bi-Directional Mode, each of the 8 data signals can be independently setup as inputs or outputs.  When sending data to the pod, only the lines that are specified as outputs will be driven.  When reading data from the pod, all 8 signals lines will return the actual value on the signal (whether it is an input or an output)

In the second mode, High-Speed Mode, all of the 8 data signal lines are setup in the same direction (as inputs or outputs) at the same time.  When sending data to the pod, all signals become outputs.  When reading data from the pod, all signals become inputs.

Also in High Speed mode, you can specify the CLK rate.  Available CLK rates are 24MHz, 12MHz, 6MHz, 3MHz, and 1MHz.  For slower rates you can use the bi-directional mode

In each of the modes you can specify the polarity of the CLK line.  You can set the CLK line to change data on the falling edge and sample on the rising edge, or visa versa.

The routines used to read and write the data to the pod are the same for both modes.  You call the SetMode function to specify the mode you want to use.  All subsequent calls for data transfers will then use that mode of transfer.

The following table shows the possible transfer rates for the various modes.  This assumes that your USB 2.0 host controller can achieve these rates.  USB 2.0 Host controllers can vary greatly.


Transfer Type

Burst Rate

Sustained Average Rate


Data Write (SetSignals)

300k Bytes/sec    

~300k Bytes/sec


Data Read (GetSignals)

175k Bytes/sec    

~175k Bytes/sec


Data Write (SetSignals)

24M Bytes/sec    

~20M Bytes/sec


Data Read (GetSignals)

16M Bytes/sec    

~13M Bytes/sec

Unique to the USBee ZX Toolbuilder is a huge buffer depth Logic Analyzer and Signal Generator module that lets your embedded application access the same powerful features of the USBee ZX Logic Analyzer and Signal Generator modules.

So creating a signal generator is as simple as this in Visual C :


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