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USBee ZX PC based Logic Analyzer

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with I2C, Async and SPI Bus Decoder

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USBee ZX Logic Analyzer Module

The Logic Analyzer software that runs on your PC and controls the USBee ZX Digital Test Pod is a powerful addition to any design and debugging development.

USBee ZX Logic Analyzer Module

The PC based Logic Analyzer software provides the following functions:

  • Tiny USBee Pod (2" x 1.5" x 0.5") connects to your hardware
  • Logic Analyzer software runs on your PC
  • USB 2.0 High-Speed connects the pod to your PC
  • Sample Rates (1Msps up to 24Msps) - max rate dependent on your PC
  • 8 channels
  • Sample Depth of 1 million samples up to available PC memory
  • Sample Clock Output or Input
  • 4 configurable Trigger states using any of the 8 signals
  • Waveform display (above)
  • Listing display
  • I2C, Async, SPI Bus Decoder
  • Save, Open and Print captured data and settings
  • Movable cursors for easy measurements
  • Output files can be loading into Signal Generator to "playback" the capture

The USBee ZX Digital Test Pod does not need an external power supply.  The USB bus supplies the power to the pod, so your PC will be supplying the power.  The Pod does, however, require a self powered hub (not bus powered) if a hub is used between the PC and Pod.

 The USBee ZX Pod Logic Analyzer software must be connected to a USB 2.0 High Speed port to work.  It will not function using a USB 1.1 Full Speed port.

The Bus Decoders analyze any of the USBee signals for I2C, Async or SPI bus activity and creates a listing containing all Start, Stop, command, data and ACK positioning.

The Async Serial Decoder analyzes any of the USBee signals for asynchronous serial activity and creates a listing containing all data found in ASCII, Hex or both. The baud rates can be entered to 1 baud resolution. You can also select 8 data bits No parity or 7 data bits 1 parity bit. You can choose lsbit first or msbit first as well.

Specifications for the USBee ZX running the USBee ZX Logic Analyzer Module

Maximum Sample Rate

24 Msps  (*)

Number of Channels


Internal Clocking


External Clocking


Trigger Levels


Trigger Qualifiers

Any Signall
Rising Edge
Falling Edge

Number of Samples

1 million up to available PC memory

Available Sample Rates

24Msps (*)

external CLK up to 16MHz

Trigger Prestore

10% to 90%

Trigger Poststore

90% to 10%

Sample Clock Output


Sample Clock Input


(*) Maximum sample rate depends on your PC hardware CPU speed and USB 2.0 bus utilization.  For the fastest possible sample rates, follow  these simple steps:

  • disconnect all other USB devices not needed from the PC
  • Do not run other applications while capturing or generating samples.
  • Use a USB2.0 High Speed enabled port

See the table below for actual sample rates and sample buffer depths on various PC systems for this Logic Analyzer function on the USBee ZX.

PC System

Sample Rate

Maximum Buffer Depth

HPDesktop, 2.53GHz P4, 512MB RAM, Internal USB 2.0,
WinXP Home


258 million

HPDesktop, 2.53GHz P4, 1GB RAM, Internal USB 2.0,
WinXP Home


749 million

Compaq notebook, 847MHz Mobile AMD Duron processor, 192MB RAM, USB 2.0 Cardbus port,
WinXP Pro


54 million

NEC Desktop,
450MHz Pentium III,
128MB RAM,
Adaptec PCI-USB2.0 card,
Win2000 Pro
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