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PicoScope 4225A 2channel
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Our Automotive Test Kits are designed to make vehicle diagnostics intuitive and logical. Each kit comes with a variety of accessories to test a multitude of vehicle components. Below is a detailed list of everything included in your chosen kit.

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Product # Description Qty
MI168 S Hook 1
PA209 Carry Case: 4425A Standard 1
PR341 Finished Product: PS4225A 1
TA001 Multimeter style test probe (black) 1
TA002 Multimeter style test probe (red) 1
TA003 Small crocodile clip (black) 1
TA004 Small crocodile clip (red) 1
TA008 Electronics Acupuncture Probes 1
TA017 4mm shrouded to unshrouded adaptor red 2
TA034 Breakout lead for ATC style fuses 1
TA035 Extension lead for mini style fuses 1
TA037 HT extension test lead 1
TA106 Earth wire for coil pack 45cm long 1
TA155 Cable: USB 3.0 blue 1.8m 1
TA157 Battery clip 4mm socket (red) 1
TA158 Battery clip 4mm socket (black) 1
TA161 Flexible back pinning probe black 2
TA162 Flexible back pinning probe red 2
TA388 PicoBNC current clamp: 200A/2000A AC/DC 150V 1
TA397 PicoBNC secondary ignition pickup 2
TA398 PicoBNC COP probe 1
TA499 PicoBNC automotive 10:1 scope probe Aftermarket 1
TA404 PicoBNC Test Lead: 4mm permanent ground 3m Blue 1
TA405 PicoBNC Test Lead: 4mm permanent ground 3m Red 1
TA473 PicoBNC 60A Clamp 1



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