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Electric Vehicle (EV) Kits and accessories


This exciting new kit has been designed to provide the essential measurement tools you will need for both high and low voltage systems, including insulation testing and safety testing. It is based on the market-leading PicoScope 4425A with PicoBNC ® technology and is supported by brand new EV Guided tests in the PicoScope 7 Automotive software.

What’s included in the Kit?

  • PicoScope 4425A with PicoBNC
  • 3 x PicoBNC  2000A current clamps
  • 4 x PicoBNC Premium test leads
  • Active HV differential probe
  • PicoBNC x10 scope probe
  • PicoBNC Resistance lead
  • PicoBNC COP probe
  • PicoBNC 60 A clamp
  • Pico Insulation tester with PC link
  • Pico Two-pole voltage tester for 0 V potential

You can buy a PicoScope with the confidence that your investment will handle a varied workload today and in the future. Stay ahead of your competition with PicoScope and improve your customer's satisfaction and workshop throughput.

Electric vehicle testing

The importance of Electric Vehicle (EV) is clearly evident as part of the drive towards better use of clean and renewable energy and the reduction of harmful emissions and particulates. EV is now discussed so widely, and the investment in increasing EV deployment is so great, that every workshop has to be aware of the increased need to handle EVs. Pico is working with our partners and customers to ensure that workshops can be as safe, efficient and effective working with EV as they are with Internal Combustion Engines (ICE).

In this section, you can find information about our PicoScope 4425A Electric Vehicle (EV) kit. It is designed to cover all vehicle types and powertrains and to provide workshops with a future-proof system that covers vehicles with high-voltage batteries and motor systems.

This PicoScope 4425A kit provides comprehensive diagnostics capability for all types of EV (BEV, MHEV, PHEV, Fuel-cell), and ICE (Diesel, Gasoline, LPG). In combination with the extensive range of Pico accessories, the 4425A covers engines/motors, sensors, actuators, communications buses, noise vibration & harshness (NVH), and basic measurements in a user-friendly system that includes extensive guidance for the technicians. The PicoScope 4425A EV Diagnostics Kit contains all the test equipment required to ensure safety during work on an EV, and to investigate any faults that are likely to cause safety issues.


PicoScope covers all technologies

PicoScope 7 with GT window

As a workshop focused on growing and retaining a profitable customer base, the need for quick and accurate diagnostics is vital as older vehicles are kept on the road for longer, and new technologies grow their share of new car sales. PicoScope supports your "fix it right" culture, with fewer parts changed on guesswork, and with increased customer satisfaction, repeat business and profits.

PicoScope can diagnose:

  • Gasoline and Diesel Vehicles
  • Battery Electric Vehicles
  • Full and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles
  • 48 V Mild hybrid Vehicles
  • Fuel Cell Vehicles

What is the EV coverage?

PicoScope 7 software EV Trace

To support the PicoScope 4425A EV (Electric Vehicle) Diagnostics Kit, we have started introducing a new series of Guided tests in PicoScope 7 Automotive software. Some of these tests take advantage of facilities not available in PicoScope 6 Automotive, and over the course of the coming months we will extend the coverage of these tests.

  • DC HV energy system or the AC motor/generator drive system
  • Charging behaviour and 12V/HV battery current split issues
  • Covers CP/PP communications between charging system and vehicle
  • 3-phase current measurements to check winding balance under load
  • All 12 V and 48 V systems

We at Pico are working tirelessly to help all our customers have access to the tools and guidance they need to cope with their changing workload. Due to the requirment that technicians are properly trained and qualified, the EV Guided Tests are only available within the PicoScope 7 software.

Read more about our non-EV guided tests >>


Please note that you should only work on high-voltage systems in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines and procedures; and you should be properly trained and equipped with relevant personal protective equipment.

EV KITS AND ACCESSORIES - You may order here:

 Image Product Price
pq196 Thumbnail   
PicoScope 4425A EV Diagnostic kit in a sturdy plastic carrying case [PQ196]
 pq236 Thumbnail  
PicoScope 4425A EV Diagnostic kit in a Foam Trays [PQ236]
PQ284 Thumbnail   
PicoScope 4425A EV Diagnostic kit in a sturdy plastic carrying case and Foam Trays  [PQ284]
  EV accessories 
 ta559 Thumbnail  
1000V back pinning probe (red) - [TA559]
 TA558 Thumbnail  
1000V back pinning probe (Black) - [TA558]
 TA388 Thumbnail  
PicoBNC 2000A AC/DC Current Clamp - [TA388]
 TA041 Thumbnail  
25 Mhz, 700V Differential Oscilloscope Probe X10/x100 - [TA041]
 TA057 Thumbnail  
25 Mhz, 1400V Differential Oscilloscope Probe X20/x200 - [TA057]


Insulation Meter V2.0 for Windows (Not available for Mac or Linux)
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