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Pico Automotive Scope software now sports a new Waveform Library browser.
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Buy a Bundle, Save a Bundle

Buy a PicoScope oscilloscope bundle and you could save up to 20%

An oscilloscope bundle from Pico is designed to give you all you need in a hard carry case. Each oscilloscope kit contains a PicoScope PC Oscilloscope (PCO) together with one X1/X10 passive oscilloscope probe for each oscilloscope channel. Also included is a USB 2.0 cable to connect your PC to the oscilloscope, a Quick Start guide, and a CD-ROM containing the latest oscilloscope and data logging software.

A Pico oscilloscope kit is lightweight and compact, making it the ideal tool for use in the field. When you’re not using the PicoScope, the scope, cable and probes can all be stored in the carry case — protecting your test equipment and making sure you don’t have to hunt around for that elusive cable or probe.

Oscilloscope kit contents:

ModelBandwidthSample rate (single shot)Sample rate (repetitive)ResolutionChannelsPrice
PicoScope 2202 Kit 2 MHz 20 MS/s   8 bits 2
PicoScope 3224 Kit 10 MHz 20 MS/s   12 bits 2
PicoScope 3424 Kit 10 MHz 20 MS/s   12 bits 4
PicoScope 3204 Kit 50 MHz 50 MS/s 2.5 GS/s 8 bits 2 ext trig
PicoScope 3205 Kit 100 MHz 100 MS/s 5 GS/s 8 bits 2 ext trig
PicoScope 3206 Kit 200 MHz 200 MS/s 10 GS/s 8 bits 2 ext trig
PicoScope 4224 Kit (PP478) 20 Mhz 80 MS/s   12 bits
(16 bit - enhanced)
PicoScope 4424 Kit (PP479) 20 Mhz 80 MS/s   12 bits
(16 bit - enhanced)


  • Quoted sampling rates are for single channel use.
  • Savings of $60 - $80 over the regular prices when ordered as a kit.
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