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 10 - NVH Tutorials

We have just posted 10 outstanding tutorials on how to use the Pico NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) diagnostic system.

If you are a user of NVH or Planning to aquire an NVH System, check out these 10 tutorials .

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2 Channel Standard Automotive Kit

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The 2–Channel Standard Kit comes complete with a variety of accessories — including leads, ignition pickups, probes, clips and current clamps — allowing you to test virtually all the components on modern vehicles.

Our 2 channel standard kit is ideal for occasional use or for those on a limited budget. Consider also the four channel kits which allow users to diagnose more complex problems and save time by testing more signals at the same time.

PicoScope 4225 1
Channels 2
Accuracy ±1%
Memory 250M samples
Maximum sampling rate 400MS/s
20 A/60 A  AC/DC current clamp 1
200 A/2000 A  AC/DC current clamp 1
Premium test leads 2
Fuse extension leads (TA034 & TA035) 1
COP and Signal Probe 1
Flexible backpinning probe (red) 2
Flexible backpinning probe (black) 2
10:1 attenuator 1
Backpinning probe set 1
Multimeter probe (black) 1
Multimeter probe (red) 1
Small crocodile/gator clip (black) 1
Small crocodile/gator clip (red) 1
HT Extension Lead & Earth Wire 1
Shrouded to unshrouded (red) 2
Battery Clip (Red) 1
Battery Clip (black) 1
S–hook 1
Automotive software CD-ROM 1
Guide to Oscilloscope Diagnostics 1
Automotive Quick Start Guide 1
Secondary Ignition Pick Up - [MI074] 2
USB3 cable 1.8m 1
Carry case 1

Buy the PP922 Standard 2 Channel Kit online:


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