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PCL-836 - 6 Channel Counter Timer

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  PCL-836 - 6-ch Counter/Timer Card

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Main Features
  • Periodic interrupt generation
  • 6 independent 16-bit counters
  • Digital filter for noise reduction
  • Binary or BCD counting
  • Programmable frequency output
  • Complex duty-cycle output
  • Single-shot output
  • 16-bit TTL input and 16-bit TTL output ports
  • Selectable interrupt input channel
  • Up to 10 MHz input frequency
  • Pulsewidth and period measurement
  • Time-delay generation
  • F/V conversion and accumulation
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    The PCL-836 is a general purpose counter/timer and digital I/O card for PC/AT compatible computers. It provides six 16-bit counter channels. It also includes 16 digital outputs and 16 digital inputs. Two 8254 chips provide a variety of powerful counter/timer function modes to match your industrial and/or laboratory applications.

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