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3-Axis Quadrature Encoder
and Counter Card


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The PCL-833 is a three-axis quadrature encoder and counter add-on card for the IBM PC/AT and compatibles (ISA bus). This card lets your PC perform position monitoring for motion control systems.

Encoder Interface
Each input includes a decoding circuit for incremental quadrature encoding. Inputs accept either single-ended or differential signals. Quadrature input works with or without an index, allowing linear or rotary encoder feedback.

The PCL-833 has three independent 24-bit counters. The maximum quadrature input rate is 1.0 MHz, and the maximum input rate in counter mode is 2.4 MHz. You can individually configure each counter for quadrature decoding, pulse/direction counting or up/down counting.

Digital Input and Interrupts
The PCL-833 provides five digital input channels. Each channel accepts digital input as an index input for a rotary encoder or as a home sensor input for a linear encoder. The card can generate an interrupt to the system based on a signal from its digital inputs, overflow/underflow of its counters, or on a programmed time interval. It can repeatedly generate interrupts at any time interval you specify, from 0.1 msec. to 255 sec. These interrupts let you precisely monitor the speed of a control system.


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  • Position Monitoring
  • Control 24/48 bit
  • Up/Down Counters


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  • 1.0 MHz max. quadrature input rate
  • 24-bit counter (can cascade up to 48-bits)
  • Optically isolated up to 2500 V
  • 4-stage digital filter
  • 2.4 MHz max. input pulse rate
  • Pulse / direction and up / down counter
  • Digital input with interrupt for each axis
  • Programmable-time-interval interrupt
  • Half-size AT-bus card


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Encoder Input

  • Number of Axes: 3 independent axes
  • Max. quadrature input frequency: 1.0 MHz
  • Max. input pulse frequency: 2.4 MHz
  • Counts per encoder cycle: x1, x2, x4 (S/W selectable)
  • Encoder type: Single-ended or differential Counter size: 24 bits, easily daisychains for up to 48 bits
  • Counter modes: Quadrature, up/down, count/direction (S/W selectable)
  • Digital filter: 4 stage Sample clock frequency: 8, 4 or 2 MHz (S/W selectable)
  • Input isolation: 2500 VRMS using optical isolators

Digital Input

  • Number of channels: Five differential, with interrupt
  • Input isolation: 2500 VRMS using optical isolators

Programmable Interrupt Controller

  • 1 Hz, 10 Hz, 1 KHz or 10 KHz time base (S/W selected) with a programmable multiplier of 1, 2, 3, 4, ..., 255


  • Connector: DB-25
  • Board dimensions: 7.3" x 4" (185 mm x 100 mm)

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3-axis Quadrature Encoder and Counter Card
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