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pc based oscilloscopes

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ADC-40/42 PC based oscilloscopes 
(No more inventory available on the ADC-40, small quantities of the ADC-42 still available May 2017)

ADC-100   Obsolete and no longer available


For High Resolution Data Loggers - ADC-20 & ADC-24 Click here

ADC-40/42 PC based oscilloscopes

The ADC-40 and ADC-42 are single channel PC based oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers and multimeters. Simply plug a unit into the parallel port of your PC and run the supplied PicoScope software. For low frequency signals, the units provide all the functionality of conventional scopes at a fraction of the price. The ADC-40 has 8 bit resolution, whilst the ADC-42 has a 12 bit resolution which makes it more suitable for measuring small signal changes, both on the scope and spectrum analyser. 
These two products are ideal for situations where budget is important. The units provide large, colorful displays and all the usual time bases and trigger options, all in a case slightly larger than a matchbox. These features, combined with their low cost, make the ADC-40 and ADC-42 perfect as educational and training tools. For an independent review by Electronics Australia magazine click here. Technical specifications are listed at the bottom of this page.

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pc based oscilloscopespc based oscilloscopes

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ADC-100- Obsolete and no longer available

  • High resolution, general use
  • 12 bit resolution
  • Dual channel
  • 9 voltage ranges
  • Oscilloscope and data logging software included
  • Software Drivers & examples included

The ADC-100 is a dual channel oscilloscope, spectrum analyser and multimeter. It connects to the parallel port using the supplied cable and requires no power supply. This makes it very useful as a general  purpose test instrument both out in the field and in the lab. As well as its uses as a general purpose instrument, the 100kS/s (100,000 samples per second) sampling rate and 12 bit resolution make it ideal for audio work, since its spectrum analyser covers the audible frequency range. Another common use is in automotive electronics, checking for problems with ABS sensors, fuel injection and LT ignition. For a higher speed version, also consider the ADC-212.

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Product ADC-40 ADC-42 ADC-100 (Obsolete)
Resolution 8 bits 12 bits 12 bits
Channels 1 x BNC 1 x BNC 2 x BNC
Voltage Ranges ±5V ±5V ±50mV to ±20V in 9 ranges
Overload protection ±30V ±30V ±100V
Input Impedance 1M Ohm
Sampling Rate 20kS/s 15kS/s 100kS/s
Accuracy ±1%
Scope Timebases 100ns/div to 50s/div
Spectrum Ranges 0 to 10kHz,
50dB dynamic range
0 to 7kHz,
65dB dynamic range
0 to 50kHz,
70dB dynamic range
Analog Bandwidth 10kHz 7.5kHz 50kHz
Buffer Size No buffer
Power Supply None required
Dimensions 55 x 55 x 15mm 55 x 55 x 15mm 85 x 145 x 25mm
Output connector D25 to PC parallel port                                  Obsolete
Supplied Software PicoScope: DOS and Windows (3.x, 95/98, NT/2000, Vista, XP and Win7)
PicoLog: DOS and Windows (3.x, 95/98, NT/2000,Vista,XP and Win7)
Drivers & Examples: C, pascal, Delphi, Visual Basic, HP VEE and LabVIEW
A macro is provided to collect data directly into an Excel spreadsheet

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